On The Road

on 01.27.2011

Holy shit is it cold in Atlanta! We are doing a tour of the US and our first stop was Hotlanta. They forgot the hot though. And I think we are staying under an airport run way. Beers and pizza were good last night though. Today we are off to St. Louis. I'm hoping to get me some good bbq tonight, then check out the arch tomorrow. What else is there to do in St. Louis? Drop me some info! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I havnt been to St. Louis but i hear that these attractions are free - Art Museum, Zoo, Science Center, Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Grantís Farm, and the Missouri History Museum... The brewery is probably the best option :)
posted on: 01-27-11 @ 2:39 PM

Is the tour a Crazyshit thing? Be sure to check out East St. Louis. Ought to be able to get some good on the scene nigger fight videos!
posted on: 01-28-11 @ 1:19 AM

hit me up when you get to Philly for best cheesesteaks,hoagies,pizza and strip joints Yo!
posted on: 01-28-11 @ 4:32 AM

Yo jay, pops in east stl is your flavor....its a rock joint mostly and great bbq....the strip clubs are around pops and the oz is the big rap club there...maybe you'll see nelly if you go.....and dont get lost in east stl..
posted on: 01-28-11 @ 10:48 AM