I Have The Power

on 02.03.2011

A while ago one of my external hard drives took a shit on me, which sucked since I had almost a TB of stuff on it. All the work I did on it had been finished and paid for, so that wasn't too upsetting, but still sucked. The biggest disappointment was losing photos from Brazil, Costa Rica and a few other places. I did a little investigating and determined it might be a power supply problem, so I ordered a new one. Now I'm back in business and got all my stuff back. What a good feeling. Now it's time to start backing up the good shit. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
That story fucking sucked.
posted on: 02-03-11 @ 1:07 PM

Adam: You may want to consider carbonite $55.00/ year. Backs everything automatically. carbonite.com
posted on: 02-03-11 @ 2:02 PM

Adam. You may want to consider a punching Jay right in the dick. $0/year. Makes you laugh every time. Jay in the dick.
posted on: 02-03-11 @ 2:41 PM

Adam: You may want to consider posting some of the Brazil and Costa Rica pics so that marsape can see you in your mutha fuckin ball shorts
posted on: 02-03-11 @ 5:35 PM

adam: ya may wanna go out and fuck a couple crack whores and play russian roulette since your so fucking lucky. oh and can ya play the russiian roulette with bigtalk and cracker killer. thanks so much.
posted on: 02-03-11 @ 6:59 PM

Adam H.
Those are some great suggestions. I'll do them all. Except carbonite. I don't trust the internet.
posted on: 02-03-11 @ 11:28 PM

The last time I had a PC crap out on me, I lost over 1000 miserable bitch pictures! It was a great day of loss. I'm still recovering. I need a fucking drink. Amen
posted on: 02-04-11 @ 4:18 AM

"Jay in the Dick"..... I literally laughed out loud
posted on: 02-04-11 @ 10:49 AM