Chaos Is Great!

on 02.05.2011

Am I weird? I just love it when people revolt. I love to see the rock throwing (mainly in Muslim countries) and the people just acting a fool against the current governments. I love the chaos. I love the military fucking shit up. Its all entertaining shit to me. The news is covering the revolution in Egypt like a jimmy hat. Read more.. And good luck to Adam today, he's competing in a jui-jitsu tournament today!

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Yeaah!! Good luck Adam!! <3
posted on: 02-05-11 @ 2:36 PM

gonna be a video of adam getting his neck snapped? or are they training him for riot duty in eygpt?
posted on: 02-05-11 @ 4:16 PM

I do hope Adam chose to be towel boy for the winning side. Jay you do realise that it's fun to watch Arab's hurting each other because this way we don't have to spend money to do it ourselves, personally I think a few Nuke tests wouldn't go astray in those areas of the world. Watch out for frost bite of the testies
posted on: 02-05-11 @ 5:25 PM

u spelled chaos wrong lol
posted on: 02-05-11 @ 6:42 PM

Personally i think a few nuke tests wouldn't go astray in marsape's area
posted on: 02-05-11 @ 10:02 PM