It's Italian Sub Time

on 02.13.2011

My crazyshit work for the day is done, and I'm feeling hungry for something delicious. I think I'll head down to the finest Italian Bakery / Deli in the city, and enjoy a hot Italian sub. It's a bit further than I feel like driving, but it's well worth it. Isn't that right, Jay? I bet you wish you could have a Columbino's sub, don't you? Mmm mmm, it's so meaty, cheesy, oily and delicious. The bread is freshly made and toasted just right. I might even get myself a cannoli or some tiramisu. Oh yeah! --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
one of the Floor guy's from Flashdance turned me on to this site but I never knew you Cat's were from Palm Beach Love the Colombino's your absolutely rite the Best ! That Fuck'n Bread Damn it Man !
posted on: 02-13-11 @ 1:40 PM

Adam H.
Awe yeah, Columbino's is the shit! So do have pull at Flashdance to hook the crazyshit crew up with free drinks and lap dances? We love beer and sluts!
posted on: 02-13-11 @ 5:57 PM

ok so did ya get the sub for free? you should for the advertisement ya just gave them world wide. read it over, what ya wrote sounds like a freakin comercial!! hahaha
posted on: 02-13-11 @ 10:43 PM

sub my ASS it's called a Hoagie and without oil and fried long-hots thats a violation !
posted on: 02-14-11 @ 4:19 AM

Adam has been smoking illegal substances again, MUNCHY ATTACKS ARE GETTING MORE AND MORE FREQUENT
posted on: 02-14-11 @ 9:05 AM