I Need A Vacation

on 02.18.2011

Since starting a new project that I'm really hyped on, it's been hard to find any time for myself to just sit back and relax. My daily schedule is pretty much like this. I wake up and go train. I go to the office and do CS updates. I go film for my project. I come home and do other CS related work. I go train again. I come home and log the footage I filmed. I look for crazyshit. I go to bed. Of course there is some eating and jacking off in between, but not much time for anything else. By the time Jay gets back from playing in the snow, I'll be ready to get the fuck out of Dodge for a while. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Do yourself a favor and get the FUCK out of Floriduh for a while. You deserve it, man!!!
posted on: 02-18-11 @ 1:47 PM

Stop being a bitch. I have three jobs. I WISH I could still train. If you like, I will fly down to FL and give you a big hug and tell you it will be o.k. Either that, or give you a massive kick right to your ovaries. Christ, I need to relax...lol
posted on: 02-18-11 @ 2:14 PM

Didn't you and your boytoy just get back from china????? crazyshit.com/cnt/pics/27453-public-gaysian-displays-of-affection
posted on: 02-18-11 @ 2:42 PM

Adam H.
I'm selfish and I don't care about your three jobs, thundermug. Now shut up and get back to work!
posted on: 02-18-11 @ 3:21 PM

How insensitive. :(
posted on: 02-18-11 @ 4:26 PM

OMFG!!! you sound like my X wife !! jay will be home soon and will need a sammich and a hand job!!so fuck up and get back in the kitchen!! um...uh i mean gee sorry adam sounds like ya got it tuff down there in fl,
posted on: 02-18-11 @ 4:34 PM

all i do is train and look at fat chicks taking shits for my website!wwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!
posted on: 02-18-11 @ 11:00 PM

Thundermug's three jobs are collecting the government disability pension, cleaning his bedroom and roll playing in the Crazyshit forums. AAHAHAAH, and Adam H. thought he had a sad life, there's always a bigger loser around the corner, smile you're only dead twice.
posted on: 02-19-11 @ 9:03 AM