Sick Babies No Fun

on 02.19.2011

Our little guy has a bit of a bug, and let me tell you he is not a happy camper. Thank good for my wife! She is like a miracle worker and a saint all rolled into one. I try to help where I can, and do what I can. But she can comfort the little guy unlike myself. He just rubs his snotty nose all over me and then cries. I hope he is going to feel better, and I hope she is going to get some sleep. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Wife?? Congrats! I now pronounce you..... henpecked and tied down you poor sucker! :)
posted on: 02-19-11 @ 10:00 AM

Wait; TK becomes TD? SCOOORE!
posted on: 02-19-11 @ 10:02 AM

Now put one between the cheeks for the extra point.
posted on: 02-19-11 @ 10:03 AM

All kids should be removed from parents at birth and kept in government facilities until they are fully adult, well educated and have a good job and home of their own, then and only then they may be re introduced to their parents,when they are fully able to support us...... Well lets face it government knows best????????????? Ban circumsision!
posted on: 02-19-11 @ 12:54 PM

ahh that was not his nose, and it was not snot jay!!
posted on: 02-19-11 @ 10:17 PM

Married or just calling her the wife? If ou are married now then congrats to you. BTW, if you are moving to Colorado then stay away from Colfax and Lowell Blvd in Denver.
posted on: 02-20-11 @ 10:16 AM