Ice Ice Baby

on 02.21.2011

As I type, I'm sitting here with one ice pack on my elbow, and another on my groin. In about 10 minutes, I'll be switching to one on my knee, and one on my shoulder. Then I'm going to lay on the heated back massaging pillow for a bit. A few cycles of that today, and hopefully I'll be feeling proper. I wish I had a bathtub full of ice water I could sit in for a few minutes, but my dick is happy I don't. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
What happened Adam, did Jay's Kid beat the shit out you?
posted on: 02-21-11 @ 2:34 PM

nice, you go and fuck yourself up and no video, what the fuck ? i mean its not like ya dont have the biggest fucking snuff video web site on the planet. nice job. YOUR FUCKIN FIRED unless ya go do it again and post that shit for us to laugh and rave about!!
posted on: 02-21-11 @ 4:25 PM

poor guy..Jay sat on him again...
posted on: 02-21-11 @ 4:41 PM

what a pussy adam is
posted on: 02-21-11 @ 7:49 PM

What don't kill ya just makes you stronger and wiser, so next time you play with your new YMCA friends you'll be wise enough to be on top.
posted on: 02-22-11 @ 3:53 AM