A Special Delivery

on 03.06.2011

A buddy of mine who is a driver for UPS was telling me how easy it is for him to pick up chicks at work. He delivers to a lot of offices with hot, young girls working at the front desk, and since he sees them on the daily, they get comfortable with him and chat him up. I think his being European is also an advantage for him, since chicks always dig foreign guys. Eventually they decide to meet up while they're out one night, and she ends up getting a special delivery. I always heard UPS had great benefits. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
sure beats the letter about yer headache.
posted on: 03-06-11 @ 4:37 PM

i mean jays headache
posted on: 03-06-11 @ 4:38 PM

^Go climb back under the rock you crawled out from rock spider. It's a nice story about a foreign man venturing out in the world to get his cock wet. We have old ugly cranky bastards working at Australia Post, you lucky fucker's.
posted on: 03-06-11 @ 10:59 PM