A Full Stomach

on 03.07.2011

Last night I filled up on a giant burrito and followed it up with some twix dipped in peanut butter and a pint of cake batter ice cream. It was delicious, but still weighing down my gut when I got up this morning. I crapped twice before training, and of course today in Muay Thai class, we beat each others' stomachs with the pads. I made it through, but I was about three hits away from shitting my pants. I'm finally all digested and ready to eat lunch. But maybe I'll poop once more just for good measure. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I don't even know what half that stuff was you've eaten but I put on 12lb reading it. All that and no rate my shit photo?
posted on: 03-07-11 @ 1:57 PM

you are the first man ive known that has owned up to being full of shit!
posted on: 03-07-11 @ 2:49 PM

I presume Jay pays you to work, you then pay for your food, you then eat your food, and then you turn it into shit, Now isn't that just CRAZY.
posted on: 03-07-11 @ 3:01 PM

^^^ what a chode
posted on: 03-07-11 @ 3:54 PM

so that as your masterpiece on rate my shit!!
posted on: 03-07-11 @ 8:01 PM

i once ate 13 Full servings at a golden corall all you can eat buffet. That was for dinner i did not finally eat again till lunch the following day that night i shat i belive 6 different occasions all ranging from solid turds to complete mush almost a roll of toilet paper later i ended up weighing my self before and after words it was about 15 pounds of shit total.
posted on: 03-07-11 @ 10:13 PM

^^^ wow is it the in thing to be full of shit? wtf are you guys asian hunters or what?
posted on: 03-07-11 @ 10:34 PM