Mother Nature's Revenge

on 03.11.2011

It's nothing against the Japanese, or any of the third world countries that Mother Nature seems to fuck up on a regular basis, but I love it when she takes action and shows us parasitic human beings who's really in charge. It's been long enough that people have been raping the earth for convenience and profit, and I think we deserve to be wiped out. I'm pretty certain Florida will be underwater again in the not so distant future, and if I don't get out in time, at least I've got my surfboards so I can go out with one last ride. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
dec, 21st 2012 is coming and its gonna be a big one. we are all fucked.
posted on: 03-11-11 @ 1:35 PM

Hopefully Hollywood goes next.
posted on: 03-11-11 @ 2:57 PM

Some real pissed off Pokemon letting rip on Japan there
posted on: 03-11-11 @ 3:43 PM

since when is japan a third world country? their buying us out left and right since we gave them all our jobs! everyone in america has something with a made in japan sticker on or in it! take a close look at your cell phone! they are rich enough off of us! i sure as hell hope they dont think they need our help because they dont deserve it!
posted on: 03-11-11 @ 7:32 PM

It's no longer Mother Nature, the way the weather has been lately is more like Mother inlaw nature.
posted on: 03-12-11 @ 6:42 AM