Gaylight Savings

on 03.13.2011

What the fuck is the point of Daylight Savings? It's just another feeble attempt by man to control that which he has no control over. All it's good for is fucking up people's schedule twice a year and making them an hour late or early for something. I think most people would actually prefer it if it didn't get dark at 4 PM during the winter. Whoever came up with this lame idea deserves a kick in the balls for every time someone was late because of it. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 03-13-11 @ 3:17 PM

adolf hitler invented daylight savings time in 1942 . it was used to throw off the british that got there info from spys inside germany. so when there was going to be a bomb run or an attack the british were off on the timing buy a hour sometimes 2. but it doidnt take long and the brits caught on.
posted on: 03-13-11 @ 3:39 PM

Hey Adam, you are a true North Queenslander believe it or not, we up north here are probably equivelant to the southern florida way of life but just in reverse, We have kept daylight savings out of the north but the fucks in the south of the state are mostly from over the border in NSW where they currently have the shit, and they keep trying to push it through the state government at the cost of millions of dollars every fucking time, but us north queenslanders just won't be budged, we are pretty fucking thick on keeping the shit away, and for christ sake our summers are ten months long anyway. Believe it or not we had a trial of it fifteen years ago, to bring the states into alignment for business reasons, how stupid, Perth in Western Australia is two hours behind Cairns in North Qld anyway, the cunts here are pretty dumb man, help me.
posted on: 03-13-11 @ 6:25 PM

10 months of summer? you lucky bastard!! im in michigan we get june july and august and then it gets cold for 9 fuckin months. we have 4 seasons in michigan, winter, still winter,construction, and almost winter!1 michigan USA sucks. unless ya like cold. but still not as bad as those poor fucks in north dakota. they got hit by a blizzard so bad yesturday that they had to call out the national gaurd to rescue folks from a complete white out!! fuck winter. im movin to arizona when i turn 50!!
posted on: 03-13-11 @ 7:31 PM

DST was not invented by Hitler, Ron. Look it up.
posted on: 03-13-11 @ 9:34 PM

Florida FTW, Daylight savings time sucks cock!! I hate it!
posted on: 03-14-11 @ 4:15 AM

ben franklin invented dst and unfortunatly he had been dead for like 200 years
posted on: 03-14-11 @ 8:37 AM