You Got Jungle Fever

on 03.15.2011

If you don't already know, I post extra porn videos (usually daily) that you can watch by dragging your mouse over the XXX and selecting Latest Videos. A definite trend I've noticed is that any time I post a video with a black chick, it gets significantly more views than all other videos. I've been monitoring this for a while, and without fail, if "black ass" or "black chick" is in the title, it always has more views. I put one up last week with two black guys banging a white chick, and it got twice as many views as all other videos that day. I love it. So many of you are racist, but you get off on black chicks, and watching black guys fuck white chicks. And I know most of you would never admit to it. That shit makes me laugh. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Haha, well said! As one of your few black guys who love this site, I have to strongly agree bro! I think that is part of being racist or homophobic...that secretly they have those fantasies so they try to sound all macho to cover it up. Classic in the closet shit.
posted on: 03-15-11 @ 2:43 PM

Ehh.... show me the numbers - I don't believe that for a minute ... why would anyone wanna watch someone fuck that looks like a struck match?
posted on: 03-15-11 @ 2:58 PM

It is true. A lot of people on here spew racist shit everywhere they go, but still beat themselves to some black puss.
posted on: 03-15-11 @ 3:14 PM

Adam H.
The numbers are there. Obviously the videos that were posted on the home page get viewed way more, but look at the rest for yourself. If it's a black chick, it will have more views than the others. I know you jack off to soul sisters, format187.
posted on: 03-15-11 @ 3:23 PM

There's porn here?!
posted on: 03-15-11 @ 3:43 PM

Not me >>>>> I keeps it real, brotha
posted on: 03-15-11 @ 3:46 PM

lmao all these white fucks that talk all that shit beat there thumb size dick to black pussy but who gives a fuck pussy is pussy and pussy dont have a face its just to bad they do
posted on: 03-15-11 @ 5:45 PM

More of an amputee porn guy myself, but I dabble.
posted on: 03-15-11 @ 5:48 PM

the old slave masters secret still dying hard...lol
posted on: 03-15-11 @ 6:42 PM

wanna know why? because black chicks get all animal and nuts and will do anything in bed. now thats so intimadateing for black guys because they are all control freaks and prefer to be in charge in the sack. were as white girls are more picky and soft spoken in the sack.so the black dudes feel all macho dominateing them. white guys on the other hand can handle it both ways. there are times we like the soft spoken picky ways and then theres the times we like to fuck like monkeys and scream and holler. easy enough to understand?
posted on: 03-15-11 @ 7:26 PM

Well....you know what they say about George Washington, and why so many liberated slaves had that same last name,....dontcha?
posted on: 03-15-11 @ 7:30 PM

blah, blah, blah, said the white who was jacking off to that white girl licking that black ass crack. I believe the numbers. Just to prove my point, look for rockinron's comment on every black video there its on this site. I think he wish he was black!
posted on: 03-15-11 @ 9:23 PM

More of a midget porn guy myself, but to each his own I guess
posted on: 03-15-11 @ 10:08 PM

amen wargod
posted on: 03-16-11 @ 12:10 AM

The more niggitry the better, I say! Amen
posted on: 03-16-11 @ 12:58 AM

Damn. Can't edit these! Was going to mention that I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers may deny. . .
posted on: 03-16-11 @ 12:59 AM

not me! how do you know who is white or black
posted on: 03-16-11 @ 6:02 AM

Injun! First off, how! (Is that how the greeting is spelled? Lol, I have never actually tried to spell it!) Damn good question my man! We will see how Adam answers it and find out if he is pandering to one group. The only way that I can see is that they check out the pictures pre-video. Do any of you remember kkkilla? Now that fella was a honky hater but you could still have some decent debate with him. Killa, if you are here and simply just changed names holla at me. Or holla, holla, holla, holla, holla, holla, holla...... Damn I love The Chappelle show!
posted on: 03-16-11 @ 6:42 AM

I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers may deny. . . LOLů Yes I love ladies with big juicy booty all races especially tanned. Bring on more midget porn!!! The good stuff...
posted on: 03-16-11 @ 9:16 AM

Pussy is pussy...some of you are lucky to even get a blowjob, so why be picky?
posted on: 03-16-11 @ 5:48 PM

^^^ agree! I sure wouldn't blow anybody here...except maybe kk, but only if he really looked like Heath Ledger...and Jay if he wore a condom and promised not to come in my mouth.
posted on: 03-17-11 @ 12:21 AM