Super Moon Tonight

on 03.19.2011

That is right, tonight is the night where the moon is the closest it has been to the earth in 18 years or some shit. But that's not the moon I am talking about. While the moon is shining down, you get out there and drop your pants for a real mooning. Take a few picture and send them it. It will be awesome, everyone is doing it! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Jay you str8 trippin! love it! Ya'll boyz doin it!! P.S. You still havent enabled me to put an Avatar! Like you said. I sent a reply to your email to send you my Avatar but as Ive said before no matter what i choose to put it always says image to big! Dam Playboy, whats the deal??
posted on: 03-19-11 @ 1:26 PM

^ampstar, if your avatar is just a single picture, then open it up using a program like Microsoft office picture manager etc, and click edit and then resize, custome size it to 100x100 pixels, then repost and it will work, then get your camera and take a picture of yourself cutting off your dick and send it in to crazyshit, cheers mate.
posted on: 03-19-11 @ 1:34 PM

damn sneaky bastard jay.you just want our hairy ass's to give to your buddy adam for fappin material!!! lmao!!!
posted on: 03-19-11 @ 2:03 PM