Waste Of Time

on 03.21.2011

I always have to laugh when someone leaves a comment like, "that's 1:37 of my life I'll never get back" or "stop wasting my time Adam". First of all, if you're on crazyshit, then your time isn't very valuable to begin with. Second, if you can't accept responsibility for your own actions and want to blame me for your shitty time management skills, that's fine. In fact, I'm proud I could waste some of your time. I hope I'm wasting your time right now. You are a weak and pathetic person, and until you man up and accept the roll as master of your own time, I'm happy to waste as much of it as I can. Lick my balls. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
damn who shit on yer wheaties?
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 1:35 PM

Feeling touchy this morning eh Adam?
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 1:35 PM

Well...... that's about 20 seconds I'll never get back - what a waste of time - pffft
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 1:45 PM

yeah, fuck all you peanut gallery shitz. Adam spends hours upon hours wasting his time, so you can waste yours. But, he gets paid for it. LOL!
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 1:58 PM

Adam H.
Yeah, tell em' mrratty. And hopefully Jay gets the shopping cart up soon so I can get paid with some of your money too.
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 2:24 PM

Dude!! Git yerself laid..........
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 2:31 PM

Adam, I would like nothing more than to tap you out.
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 2:37 PM

Adam H.
Hahaha. You don't even know me and I can still piss you off without even trying. So just keep dreaming, fat boy.
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 2:57 PM

Jay D.
2:12 wasted. I read slow.
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 3:33 PM

Was it really a waste if you enjoyed it? Most of you are a waste of cum, but your dad sure had a damn good time.
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 3:34 PM

^but there momma didnt!!!
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 4:36 PM

Keep up the good work....you make me fuckin laugh!!!
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 8:42 PM

I thought people had control of the mouse.. click on it or click off it.. WTF.. I dont watch every video. or comment on every video..
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 9:52 PM

That was possibly the funniest fuckin shit you have ever said King A~Damn !! At this point I would like to my free membership.
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 11:05 PM

Call me a suck up or whatever, but I gotta side with Adam on this one. No one sat with you, gun to your head, and made you watch the video or read the homepage rants, so you have no reason to bitch.
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 11:10 PM

Gladly =]
posted on: 03-21-11 @ 11:47 PM

I just wasted good time to tell everybody to suck my freshly smacked beanbag!
posted on: 03-22-11 @ 2:24 AM

Well, didn't Adam H. bring the grubs outa the woodwork with that comment, NICE TO KNOW WHO YOUR REAL FRIENDS ARE, arguementive CUNTS.
posted on: 03-22-11 @ 4:44 AM

You can both clean mine...thankyou so much . I feel so dirty after being here every day.
posted on: 03-22-11 @ 6:20 AM

Was that last sentence directed toward me? I'll have you know I spend as much time as I can waisted and your welcome to join me if you think you can keep up.
posted on: 03-22-11 @ 10:42 AM

shit this site isnt a fucking waste of time and those of you who think it is fuck you!!!!! the time i spend on this site is time well spent
posted on: 03-23-11 @ 5:48 AM