Legalize Road Rage

on 03.27.2011

I think it should not only be legal, but encouraged, to pull asshole drivers out of their cars and beat the shit out them. And then you should mark up their car with a little note about why you did it. For example, "Hey guy, the reason you are shitting blood right now is because you swerved across 3 lanes of traffic without your blinker on, nearly hitting 2 cars, and then came to an abrupt stop right in front of me." This would be like a public service, because after all, these assholes are a danger to everyone else on the road. But I guess I'll just have to wait until the Mad Max days arrive. At least I won't have to wait too long. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
And any jack off in a Lexus SUV. I think you have to fail an IQ test and a personality test before they'll even let you buy one.
posted on: 03-27-11 @ 3:06 PM

It's never the moron that is look at badly, it's the guy that gets pissed off after getting cut off that is the road-rager. But the person multitasking, applying makeup, texting, looking at their navigation device that is directly in the middle of their windshield creating a major blind spot, gets to drive on down the road, meanwhile there is a dozen pissed off people that had to slam on their brakes to avoid an accident. Ok I'm done ranting.
posted on: 03-27-11 @ 3:47 PM

Oh DAMN, Adam--that was YOU?!?
posted on: 03-27-11 @ 6:28 PM

That's what you get when the laws let immigrants hold a license to drive before they know enough english to read the road signs.
posted on: 03-27-11 @ 7:18 PM

posted on: 03-27-11 @ 7:32 PM

Fuck Road Rage! Learn how to Drive!!! Dumbasses!
posted on: 03-27-11 @ 7:38 PM

It Should be Legal to Kill Dumb fucks that cant Drive!!!! But i am Glad it isnt ! I would BE gone if it was!! And Hopefully the Video would make it here!
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 9:53 AM

some dumb ass in coa coa beach driving an avalanche geting road head from a tranny cut me off the other day.
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 11:48 AM