April Fools

on 04.01.2011

For some people April Fools is a big day. We, here at crazyshit.com are above that childish shit. We may have in the past played a few jokes on you guys, that's in the past though. Now a days, we are above that childish shit. We feel like April Fools is just a waste of time, so we didn't bother with it. Plus we are super lazy. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 04-01-11 @ 2:26 PM

to busy fuckin the crack whores for free memberships.
posted on: 04-01-11 @ 2:35 PM

Hey, free membership is free membership. Haha
posted on: 04-01-11 @ 3:20 PM

Jay, I hate you! Now fix the cart, so I can fork over my money, and be able to say "I hate you" more :P
posted on: 04-01-11 @ 4:24 PM

April fools! You guys are super productive!!!! Hahahaha! You got me!
posted on: 04-01-11 @ 4:28 PM

I hope you get butt herpes.
posted on: 04-01-11 @ 5:59 PM

Jay D.
@Mrrratty, I'm working on it. I'm going to get you a nice cool glass of hateraid when it's ready!
posted on: 04-01-11 @ 9:18 PM

I came u with what I think is my best AFDay idea ever this year. I had a WI friend call my ex from TN (my ex from 12 years ago, not even any contact for the last 10) and tell her that I had died. Since she was my wife, which of course she isn't and never was, she had to ok my organ donation. The hospital only had minutes until all of my organs were kaput and they had an 8 year old that needed my heart within those minutes or he to was going to die!! My God, my ex was stammering as she was trying to explain to the nurse that we were never married so she couldn't give the organ ok while at the same time trying to say, hell yea, get on with the organ transfer! It was absolutely priceless!!
posted on: 04-02-11 @ 11:44 AM