Goodbye Old Friend

on 04.04.2011

Last night, I lost my best friend. Annie was my 13 year old dog, that has been with me through thick and thin. I had her since she was 3 months old, and I would say she was the best dog ever. Always chill, didn't let anyone in the yard, lovable and well...she was anti-social. We actually used to call her Annie-social. But last night old age won her last fight with Annie. I already miss her stinking, shedding black ass. --Jay

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
:( go get a puppy.
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 12:37 PM

That sucks balls big time....
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 12:40 PM

Sorry to hear that man....
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 12:45 PM

fucking sad
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 1:58 PM

sorry to hear about your dog fella you gave her a great life I bet.
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 2:26 PM

Sorry to hear that Jay. Check out the pet thread. We just got a new puppy yesterday. Take a look, might make ya feel better.
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 2:55 PM

RIP, Annie. Jay, before long you will be looking for another black ass to take her place.
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 3:09 PM

I send my condolences, Jay.
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 3:31 PM

Damn--that sucks. Have a few beers, and fuck the shit out of your woman. That might help a little.
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 4:56 PM

Hey man, im sorry, My dog died about a week ago, so i feel ur pain. and do what wendi says, shes got the right idea.
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 5:19 PM

i'm sorry, losing a pet is tough.
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 5:37 PM

Deepest regrets bud.
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 6:03 PM

Sorry for your loss Jay. Have you contacted any Asian restaurants about making a few bucks off the body?
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 6:24 PM

I'm sorry to hear that bro and I mean no disrespect when I ask .... Who's gonna lick the peanut butter off your asshole now ? ...... FYI ... shitzu's have soft tongues ... from what I hear
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 7:53 PM

sry to hear about your dog jay from the bottom of my twisted soul
posted on: 04-04-11 @ 9:54 PM

That sucks ass, sorry for your loss.
posted on: 04-05-11 @ 1:10 AM

Crazy how we get so attached to pets, even if they do our heads in while living. RIP Annie Social
posted on: 04-05-11 @ 6:08 AM

sorry for your loss...had to put down my lab last week.....I would rather have lost a kid
posted on: 04-05-11 @ 8:54 AM

Gawd Damn....... you can feel the fuckin love in here....
posted on: 04-05-11 @ 9:07 AM

Sorry about your dog. Lost my 8 year old Catahoula to cancer March 25th. I loved my dog more than most people. Know how you're feeling.
posted on: 04-06-11 @ 1:22 PM

why don't you cut the head off and post a picture? or better yet. make a video of it and then eat it. that would be some funny shit. Or you could put a pair of fake tits on it and writ crazy on one and shit on the other
posted on: 04-16-11 @ 10:18 AM