Upgrade To VIP Today

on 04.05.2011

Yesterday was a big day for CrazyShit and all it's members, because Jay finally got the VIP upgrade working. So if you have been wanting to show everyone how much you love CrazyShit and you want all the amazing benefits that come with a VIP Membershit, then sign up now! It's fun, easy, and a great way to support the site that provides you with so much entertainment. Now you guys can start bugging Jay about selling T-Shirts and stickers. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
First, you have to promise not to use my card number for tranny porn sites.
posted on: 04-05-11 @ 4:34 PM

just found out the porn ads disapear when you upgrade. no way man the ads are part of the reason i come here. some of those chicks are dream girls.!!!
posted on: 04-05-11 @ 8:44 PM

Jay D.
oic, we don't even keep the number. Ron, you can just pay, and I'll turn the ads back on for you!
posted on: 04-05-11 @ 10:05 PM

Jay would you ship me a tshirt to the uk ?
posted on: 04-06-11 @ 3:32 AM

hey, I never got a chance to put sense to my crazy posts, so here's a late APRIL FOOL. Officially that makes me the fool if it's after 12PM on the 1st, I'll just go with calling myself an IDIOT. INTERPOL FOR FUCK SAKE...HHhahahahahahhahahh.
posted on: 04-06-11 @ 8:51 AM

OK. Upgrade complete. Now where do I buy the T-shirt, coffee mug and dildo?
posted on: 04-06-11 @ 1:54 PM

I'd upgrade but I don't want to show up the other loser's, might put their noses out of joint if a loser like me can afford $9 a year, go down the bank and get a debit card, you don't need to have a credit history or anything, the National Bank Of America does them, all you need is to have the money in the bank and they can be used like a normal visa on the internet, if someone like me steals you number I can only take our what you have in the bank anyway, not like a credit card that can be overdrawn and shit, get one and get yellow.
posted on: 04-07-11 @ 9:42 AM

Jay, I thank you from the bottom of my balls. I am now a V.I.P., which I guess stands for very impotent prick. I can now enjoy more of your shit for the next 2 years. Now wheres my midget with a sammich ????
posted on: 04-07-11 @ 12:55 PM