Wisconsinjed Forum Thread

on 04.15.2011

Since he apparently doesn't know how, I've created a thread for wisconsinjed to lay down all his thoughts about this crazy world. So have at it, buddy. Write whatever the fuck you want, whenever you want. And none of it will be deleted. Now please stop leaving your rambling ass comments in the peanut gallery. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Actually, he does know how to make a thread. crazyshit.com/forum/index.php& Search function!!!!
posted on: 04-15-11 @ 4:18 PM

posted on: 04-15-11 @ 6:38 PM

i guess he just didnt get the memo.
posted on: 04-15-11 @ 8:42 PM

Hey all, especialy the CS crew! I apologize for today's rant! It isn't like me to lash out like I did. It was stupid and immature BUT someone needs to tell me what is the issue with a long post! Adam, are you like a lot of these guys that tell me to keep my posts short? Why bitch about it when you can simply just not read it! It is really that simple, well to me anyway! It's laughable really that you guys can't do that! I wasn't going to shorten my comments because some nit-wit told me to. In fact I started making them as long as possible just to piss em' off! Adam, you strike me as a person who if told to do something by a little punk would do the opposite as I did. I think you are being a little critical, well, just wrong about rambling posts! They are normally about the video so don't thump your chest on that one! As the owners or employees of the site I will respectfully do as you ask. All you had to do was say something to me a long time ago and it wouldn't have come to this bullshit! Don't forget though I want to know what the problem is with a long post and if I don't get a reasonanble one I may just throw a long one there for you! Peace all!
posted on: 04-15-11 @ 11:37 PM

Thundermug are you saying I created a thread? A couple of days ago I did go into the forum and was checking out the top whatever, the one you introduce yourself on. I was in 2005-2006 comments and tried to get to the new ones. Normally you can do that by hitting the "double arrows" but it wouldn't move. I did type some stuff but lost it! If I created a thread it was by accident. Fuck the forum! Don't need it, don't want it! Peace all!
posted on: 04-16-11 @ 12:05 AM

Hey again! I apologize! I just checked it oujt and it's pretty cool so far!
posted on: 04-16-11 @ 12:11 AM