Fuck You, Uncle Sam!

on 04.18.2011

Today is the day Uncle Sam wants more of your money. Like that greedy son of a bitch doesn't take enough already. And all he's going to do with it is put it in the pocket of some rich CEO or use it to blow up brown people in some shitty country I would never want to go to. If my money is just going to be wasted, I think I should have the right to decide where it's going. It would be better used if I personally handed it over to a hard-working, naked single mother spinning on a pole. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
make it rain Adam
posted on: 04-18-11 @ 2:01 PM

Work harder! Millions on welfare depend on you EVERY DAY! Fuck the government. Vote from a rooftop.
posted on: 04-18-11 @ 4:11 PM

adam for united states congress!!!
posted on: 04-18-11 @ 8:10 PM

what bothers me most Adam that near 50% pay no Taxes and 45% of the near 50% still get a fracken refund doesn't seen fair! to get a refund / credit you should have paid something in. as for You Adam I say run in 2012 Forget Congress Run for president your more qualified that the idiot in the oval office now!!! Adam 2012 The Sane choice
posted on: 04-18-11 @ 11:44 PM

Adam H.
I like the way you think, patriotmac. I want you on my campaign team.
posted on: 04-19-11 @ 5:13 AM