Lock Your Phone

on 04.20.2011

Since few names come before mine alphabetically, I'm usually the first contact in peoples' phones. This means I always get calls when people don't know they're calling me. It's pretty common for me to have a 2 minute voice mail of background noise, or even a conversation between people. Usually I just delete it right away, but every once in a while, something I hear will spark my interest and I stay tuned for more. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
ha! done that! my buddy adam is always calling me back telling me stop that shit!
posted on: 04-20-11 @ 12:11 PM

It won't happen with me, Adam! You're filed under "D" for "Douchebag"!
posted on: 04-20-11 @ 12:51 PM

my wife has a friend named abby . she butt dialed her at 230am one night and was getting porked!!! very interesting to listen to. ended up porkin the old lady before i we went back to sleep! thanked abby the next day for a real nice night with the old lady. she was red faced as hell.
posted on: 04-20-11 @ 1:16 PM

My ex called me up cause i was the last call she made, he had told me she was at her house studying. I picked up and her talking to a dude about hooking up while she was home alone. Turns out she was cheating on me. Glad that got over with
posted on: 04-20-11 @ 4:59 PM

Adam, ur first in my directory because I have mine contacts in order of how loose the anuses are! Wham, bam, thank ya' Adam!
posted on: 04-21-11 @ 1:00 AM

Aren't ya' glad you got me off the long ass boring posts and on the one liners!
posted on: 04-21-11 @ 1:03 AM