Royal Wedding

on 04.29.2011

Did you stay up to see these two Royal yahoos get married? I sure as shit did...not! I was snoring and drooling while people in the West Minster Abbey where peeing their pants with joy. For two people that I have never met, will never meet, and don't care to meet, I sure as shit wasn't going to waste my beauty sleep on their asses. So if you did watch it, how was it? My girl said it was very romantic. I know what romantic is...12 pack of beer and some ky lube. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Jay,you are funny as hell
posted on: 04-29-11 @ 6:01 PM

funny as hell ..well first of all i couldnt of been fuk,d to watch it , the rugby was on, but on the news this morning they show that useless ugly homo give her the smallest kiss ever, i,m betting that english twat, just like his father never got any pussy at all ,cause thats what they all are , fukn useless whinging pussy ass inbread balding degenerates that only root to have kids,and how cheap are the fuks , they didnt invite obama cause his security bill was three times higher then all the dignitries invited.....,maybe they,re just racist,and when is the queen gonna die , will she just fuk,n die already for fuks sake ,someone please trip her!
posted on: 04-29-11 @ 9:22 PM

Jay D. is the master of romance! Amen
posted on: 04-30-11 @ 12:40 AM

I find the whole thing annoying like having the sticky shits, you know the kind where you smash dam near a whole roll of toilet paper wiping your ass. But I prefer other shits like 2 of my favorites are the infamous ghost shit when you know it felt like a beer can dropping from your ass but nothing is in the toilet, and the good ole corn scrubber shit but I won't go into detail other than corn is natures intestine cleaner. But I digress, the royal fuckwads I could care less about other than really wanting to know what kind of toilet paper the royal family uses. I bet its nice.
posted on: 04-30-11 @ 3:04 AM