What's Romantic?

on 04.30.2011

So yesterday I kind of brought up what was romantic in my mind. Then I thought, maybe we should expand on this. First off a twelve pack of beer, and ky jelly. Romantic. Getting a sammich made for me in the nude. Romantic. If she will do the rusty trombone. Romantic. How about this, you are out on a first date. You are all dressed up, you take her out. Nice dinner, etc. Drinks afterward. Then as you are about to say goodnight, she says, come up to my place. Then you do her...in the butt! Fucking A romantic! I think we have cleared up a few things here today. Now go be romantic on someone today. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Romance! Don't talk to me about fucking ROMANCE! I caught my Wife fucking my best friend! I Threw her out and turned to my best friend, looked him straight in the eye and said.....Bad dog!
posted on: 04-30-11 @ 2:48 PM

Child Support. Romantic.
posted on: 04-30-11 @ 3:51 PM

make me a fuckin sammich bitch.... well thats about as romantic as i get soryy!!
posted on: 04-30-11 @ 6:04 PM

you my friend, have issues.
posted on: 04-30-11 @ 7:18 PM

romance exists in imagination land
posted on: 04-30-11 @ 9:07 PM