Osama Is Dead

on 05.02.2011

Late last night Obama came on the tv to let us all know that Osama is official dead. Like iluvkitty said, World champion in "hide n Seek" loses title. The thing that really saddens me, is our loss of troops looking for this dick weed. What really sucks is now that we have found and killed Bin Laden, there is no way we can send our troops home. They are going to have to stay on, in the shit hole known as Afghanistan for a few more years. Trying to win the fight against the Taliban, which will never happen. We should just let them live in their shit hole country, and protect our borders better. -Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Isn't funny how whenever the US finds a new enemy the last one finally ends up dead. We must have been done with Bin Laden.
posted on: 05-02-11 @ 1:42 PM

all bullshit aside ,my son is at bagram airfield kin afganistan for another 6 fuckin months!! he called me today and said they have warned them that things are gonna get hot in the next few weeks and everyone in the army is on full alert in afganistan. good thing is my sons job keeps him on the base. bad thing is the AA soldiers have been turning traitor and killing americans over there.i hope that piece of shit binladin is rotting in hell with 72 fags fucking him in the ass. anything happens to my son in thta shit hole country im going fucking postal on every muslim i see until they kill me or i run outta lead!!
posted on: 05-02-11 @ 2:30 PM

rockinron, God bless your son and you and all the American and co forces fighting these fucks ! i fought in 1990/91 till i got shot in the knee, so God bless all these brave men and women.... enough said i believe....
posted on: 05-02-11 @ 2:57 PM

Here fucking here! Jay
posted on: 05-02-11 @ 4:36 PM

GOD bless America. We need to be careful these next couple of months and coming year. GOD bless all our troops and everyone that has served our country so we can bullshit around like we do here at Crazyshit in peace.
posted on: 05-02-11 @ 5:29 PM

Thanks Jay, for using me on the fucking main Blog. I bet Adam is shitting his pants cuz of it.
posted on: 05-02-11 @ 5:48 PM

Seems like that carpet cruiser went against his better judgment and left his cave... what a camel jockey (dead one that is)
posted on: 05-02-11 @ 8:16 PM

Well said, Jay.
posted on: 05-02-11 @ 9:55 PM

Put a moat around the country. They fear being clean more than dying.
posted on: 05-02-11 @ 10:16 PM

@Ron: I hope your son comes home safe. You're still a cocksucker though.
posted on: 05-02-11 @ 11:31 PM

They should stuff and mount that fucker and put him on display so everybody can piss on him.
posted on: 05-03-11 @ 12:12 AM

hey who says black cunts are lazy, Barack obama is the first U S president to take the bin out in 10 years
posted on: 05-03-11 @ 9:06 AM