Hip-Hop For Whitey

on 05.12.2011

I did a little digging through some old CDs, and I've been bumping some good white boy hip-hop lately. I went through a couple Sage Francis albums, and now I'm on a little Atmosphere kick. It's just as good as I remember it. Maybe even better, since most of today's music is just recycled garbage. I think El-P might be the next cracker I bump in my ride. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Careful Adam your're beginning to sound old.
posted on: 05-12-11 @ 2:04 PM

"Shoulda Known" FTW! Look up Apathy too, good honkey rap.
posted on: 05-12-11 @ 2:05 PM

Atmosphere is the shit adam. If you already haven't you should check out aesop rock (who is on el-p's definitive jux record label), and eyedea & abilities (atmosphere's rhymesayers rec label). They are some of the best white boy hip hop i have ever heard in my life - aka better than anything on the radio.
posted on: 05-12-11 @ 6:03 PM

red neck noise!! (no offense) if you want good music you gotta go back to the mid 80's!!
posted on: 05-12-11 @ 6:52 PM

beastie boys were the shit!
posted on: 05-12-11 @ 9:20 PM

fuck im old, i just remembered im only a few yrs younger than the beastie boys.
posted on: 05-12-11 @ 9:21 PM

if u ever go vanilla ice adam, please seek council
posted on: 05-13-11 @ 2:49 AM

sage is the shit. the sea lion song is crazy
posted on: 05-13-11 @ 4:15 AM

Adam H.
Yeah, Apathy, Eyedea and Abilities are all good shit too. And I'm a big Aesop Rock fan as well. Labor days is one of my favorite albums. And of course the Beastie Boys are the shit.
posted on: 05-13-11 @ 11:02 AM

Labor Days is one of my favorite hip hop albums ever. Have you checked out aesop's latest album that came out a few years ago? It's called none shall pass and in my opinion it's either as good or better than labor days after you've listened to it a few times through.
posted on: 05-17-11 @ 8:19 PM