End Of The World Party

on 05.20.2011

So tomorrow is the end of the world, I hear. I guess that means tonight is going to be the most kick ass party night ever. Everyone should get fucked up on all kinds of drugs and alcohol, and have unprotected sex with every slut who crosses your path. Just go ahead and drop your load right in her cooter, and have no worries. It's the end of the fucking world, wooohooo! Or you could just go about your night as you would any other, since the asshole predicting this is full of more shit than a Japanese porn set. So what's his excuse going to be this time after nothing happens? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Fuck yeah man....What I worry about are the zombies trying to over run the earth. I've got my guns ready, just remember to shoot them in the head. It doesn't matter how many boards you put on the windows, they will just rip them off. These fuckers who abdicate gun control are really pawns of the zombies, they are trying to disarm us and overtake the world. We must rally as one in order to defeat them, we can't go quietly into the night, we must rise against our dead enemies and engage with supreme accuracy and force.
posted on: 05-20-11 @ 7:58 PM

from the same fuckers that started Y2K
posted on: 05-20-11 @ 11:03 PM

godaffi,..tiger woods,..julia gillard,.. MICHEAL JACKSON ,charlie sheen , obama, osama,SUNAMIS,earthquakes, the royals wedding,...hammer head cocks ,LOW USER BOOBS!!! ............. cant u people read the signs!
posted on: 05-20-11 @ 11:46 PM