Those Crazy Testes

on 05.26.2011

Do you ever lay in bed naked after a good session with your girl, while the two of you just watch your balls together? Those testes sure do move around a lot. The nutsack shrivels up in some areas and stretches out in others. And the balls are are just constantly moving in all directions. And if she plays with them real gently, she can even start to set their path a bit. It's kind of hypnotizing after a while. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
by she you secretly mean he dont you adam
posted on: 05-26-11 @ 3:44 PM

Funny that you say this Adam, My girl actually looks at them and will blow cold air onto them and be all amazed and shit about how they shrivel up ...fucked up really.
posted on: 05-26-11 @ 6:56 PM

While the wife never admires or looks at my balls, I take notice ever chance I get, the cold shrivel, looks like a walnut shell mig welded together, then the hot shot shower blob that flops around like a turkey gullet. They're my boys those three.
posted on: 05-26-11 @ 8:40 PM

Adam, balls have to hang a little lopsided because if they weren't you'd squeeze them together far to often! Since you have a vagina it's hard to explain it to ya' but I did my best!
posted on: 05-26-11 @ 9:46 PM

Next time I am in an intimate situation, I will look out for this strange phenomenon.
posted on: 05-26-11 @ 10:19 PM

what the fuck's going on in you room adam? I'm out cold afterwards. Now, She may look at them? I really don't know? I'll have to ask her and get back to ya on this.
posted on: 05-26-11 @ 11:20 PM

Because you getting hypnotized by twitching balls is going to help the gay jokes...
posted on: 05-26-11 @ 11:47 PM

Lol Hey kiss! When a lady blows cold air on my balls it starts the war of all wars! My balls say "SRINK" as my dick says "SWELL"! My anatomy get's all confused!
posted on: 05-27-11 @ 1:57 PM