Please Don't Sing To Me

on 05.29.2011

I'll tell you something that's not cool. Laying in bed naked with a new chick while she shuffles through her phone to play all kinds of shitty songs for you, that you have no desire to hear. And it gets a lot worse when she starts singing along. Then it just becomes uncomfortable, and you sit there wondering how being in bed naked with some girl could ever be so lame. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Take control of the situation. Stick your finger in her asshole and say, "isnt this cool, do you like this, wait let me stick another one up there" If she thinks its annoying then you have proved your point. If she likes it, then you fuck the dog shit out of her. Either way its a win win situation.
posted on: 05-29-11 @ 1:49 PM

You should of got her attention with a nice loud taco blast! and then mesmrized her with your hipnotic balls...
posted on: 05-29-11 @ 1:51 PM

adam, you know you just sat there and pretended it was the best music you ever heard, men do stupid shit for pussy
posted on: 05-29-11 @ 2:29 PM

Chickens can sing? I did not know that!
posted on: 05-29-11 @ 10:40 PM

Why the fuck would you bother to be in bed with any women if you aren't using her to lie on while you have a fuck. Never take that shit from the childish cunt's, if they start that shit next they'll be asking you what bullshit colour they should die their hair. Fuck them in the arse and fuck them off, don't ever take a slut to your home, that's more stupid than answering the door to a bible basher like rockinron or wisconsinjed. Women are dumb fucking sluts, and fat women are ugly dumb sluts, all in all women are pretty fucking useless, so why bother to even talk to the stupid bastard's.
posted on: 05-30-11 @ 4:13 AM

AHAHAHHAHAH, actually some women are pretty KOOL when they are sleeping.
posted on: 05-30-11 @ 4:18 AM

This comment is purely for the fuckhead that placed a negative beside the above comment, do you realise you are a very sick person, you aren't normal, people who use these voting negs and positives are not normal, it doesn't even matter to people like me what score you think my comment is, you see I am highly intelligent and I don't care. You may very well be on you way to a nervous break down, maybe you have already had a breakdown and your life exists only on a DOMAIN SERVER as the person you log in as, I pity you, you sick person you. SAD SAD MENTAL PEOPLE
posted on: 05-30-11 @ 6:32 AM

^^^^sounds to me like you care
posted on: 05-30-11 @ 12:11 PM

use the quagmire question on her "tell me, why are you still here?"
posted on: 05-30-11 @ 12:48 PM