Why No Updates?

on 06.05.2011

Yesterday was quite a rarity for crazyshit, because there were no updates. You may have said to yourself, "What the fuck, crazyshit? I want my updates you lazy assholes!" I see that gurtman did. Well, it turns out that Jay can't drink like he use to. Or at least he can't recover like he use to. After we polished off a backpack full of beer at a concert, we hit up the pub for a few more. It was a real good time, but Jay made the vital mistake of not eating before calling it a night. He paid for that one, and in turn, so did you. But don't worry, we promise it will happen again, just hopefully not too soon. --Adam

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
and dont let it happen again! or next time we duct tape the fuck outta ya and let 2indastink rape ya!! we forgive you this time.
posted on: 06-05-11 @ 3:49 PM

"Said it to themselves?!" Lol, I don't think anyone said it to themselves! You must have not read the comments and live in some type of fantasy world! Hey Adam, do you see the comments posted here on the CS site? Well, they are from real people and just because they are generated on a computer doesn't mean they are not computer generated! Peace!
posted on: 06-05-11 @ 5:54 PM

I hope Jay-niffer feels better soon!
posted on: 06-05-11 @ 5:59 PM

It's your website! FUCK IT if you occasionaly get shit faced (or whatever)and miss a day.. No Biggie,Fuck these cry babie's WAH,WAH,WAH, Pussie's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on: 06-05-11 @ 6:36 PM

I'll bet the little woman was SO proud of him. lulz!
posted on: 06-05-11 @ 8:43 PM

What we have here, is a lack of communication... Don't let it happen again, guys--I went through the worst withdrawls you can imagine!
posted on: 06-05-11 @ 8:51 PM

so will there b a make orgy of extra vids or are yas just gonna skimp on us?
posted on: 06-05-11 @ 9:19 PM

I say next time it happens make a tape of the shenanigans that ensue.
posted on: 06-05-11 @ 11:14 PM

i did it too jay.
posted on: 06-06-11 @ 11:13 AM