Thanks For Posting My Dick

on 08.10.2011

SUBJECT: Thank You :-)
FROM: German No. 1 Fan
DATE: 08/10/2011
TO: adamh@crazyshit.com

Hi Adam, I must apologize for my bad behavior.Please donīt take it serious, I was a little bit angry about you didnīt answer me. Thanks for showing my two pictures, but I think I got sending you much better one :-( If you like I can make much more with writting CS on me.But itīs a lots of work and if you only show a part of it its very sad :-( But Thanks for showing me on your awesome website. Your biggest and best friend from Germany

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Well, looks like you are going to have to post the one with CS written on him. :)
posted on: 08-11-11 @ 10:41 AM

Get your coat Adam you've pulled !
posted on: 08-11-11 @ 12:18 PM

hey fritz adam says you should send him pics of you with a bottle up your ass, can ya do that for him?
posted on: 08-11-11 @ 12:50 PM

I think he's got the big part wrong...
posted on: 08-11-11 @ 6:36 PM

^^if his dick is not big than im in trouble.....
posted on: 08-12-11 @ 5:31 PM

Hey Adam, this was only a little privat message for you and not for the jealous people here. And I have the hunch the most here want to see more of me. You have only post two pic's :-( You should be ashamed of yourselfe !!!!!
posted on: 08-13-11 @ 7:31 PM

I have try this bevor but it doesn't work. I think my ass is to tight for that.
posted on: 08-20-11 @ 12:38 AM