His Name Is Adam

on 08.24.2011

SUBJECT: Me and Adam
FROM: numberonefan
DATE: 08/24/2011
TO: adamh@crazyshit.com

Hi Adam, its me again your biggest fan from Germany. I‘m very pround and thankful to be on youre website.It‘s an honour for me so I want to give you a little piece back.I don‘t know if you noticed that little soft toy rabbbit on my pictures ? It was real pity that this litte guy dosen‘t have a name and I decided to named him after you.His name is now Adam, here check out my picture of me and my little Adam.

I have seen on the right videos of you and I must confess that you are a really handsome guy you look exactly like Carsten Spengemann (german tv host). He is a hottie like you too :-) And was this your lovley voice on the week in Crazy Shit clip ?

Okay have a nice day your numberonefan Thanks for upload my pictures

your biggest and best friend from Germany

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Hey Adam,you didn't answer me :-( Please let me know what do you think of the picture with and Adam ? Btw sometimes I take him with me in bed :-) Please write a reply. Your bff from Germany
posted on: 08-25-11 @ 4:56 AM

You poor dear...
posted on: 08-26-11 @ 2:33 AM

And here I was gonna name my OhMiBod "Adam"...
posted on: 08-26-11 @ 2:37 AM

posted on: 09-07-11 @ 6:58 PM

NOF is a eunuch?
posted on: 05-20-12 @ 10:21 PM