Comment On Article 'Iraqi Pics'

on 05.13.2004

From: Frizzank24@xxxx.com
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 16:57:15 EDT
Subject: Comment on Article "Iraqi Pics"
To: poppachubby@crazyshit.com

Dear Pappa Chubby,

My name is Frank, I've been a Member of Crazyshit.com for at least 4 years now. I'm sad to say this is probably the first time I've emailed anyone there. My apologies for being a stranger.
But I wanted to "break this long silence" by writing to you know in regards to the Article you put on about the "Iraqi Pics" and how someone was complaining about them. Well, FUCK THEM. :-)
I wanted to let you know that I totally agree with your article and I'm glad someone out there has a way to tell it how it is and actually reach most people. Usually my views are close to yours, but not much of a way to share the knowledge. I agree with you and I think that these people do have a right to bitch and complain, but as you said, if you don't like it, then don't go to the site. I have nothing against gay people, but it's not my thing either. Do I bitch and complain because there is Gay porn sites or porno? NO. I just don't go there or watch them. They, like us, have the right to post whatever you want because our fellow "crazyshit" members want to see them. If they don't like it, then press on. If you like titties, beer, etc., then you've come to the right place.
The only part that confuses me about this idiot that is bitching is "What do you expect with a name of a website called CRAZYSHIT.COM". You're bound to run into CRAZYSHIT.
So YOU ROCK, and that fucktard can sit on it and spin. This jerkoff should be more worried about fellow americans being BEHEADED than some idiot standing on a box naked. They should be so lucky. They get food, clothes, shelter, which is probably better than what they had before. So fuck this guy or girl that bitched.
Keep rocking brother!!

-Frank (aka - Frizzank)

p.s. I have gotten a tattoo a few months ago in dedication and respect to my late Grandfather whom was AT Pearl Harbor when it was bombed in 1941. He was on the USS Pennsylvania and was injured when the 500 lbs bomb hit the ship. He saved 2 fellow sailors lives before passing out from his injury. The men he saved never forgot about him, however all have now passed on. My grandfather served from 1940, injured in 1941 and was in the hospital from the Pearl Harbor bombing for 6 months, then he went back out to sea. He later left the Navy in 1947. Out of respect of him, our country, and our military, I have gotten this tattoo and I would like to know if it was ok to send it to you, and if it wouldn't be too much to ask if you can post it as one of the pictures of the day. It would mean a great deal to me and my family. He was suppose to have his name engraved on the new WWII memorial in D.C., but we recently found out that they aren't going to do any name engraving at all. Once again, if this is possible, I would send you the picture of the tattoo (please let me know your opinion) and if you can post it on your site, it would mean a great honor to me. Thanks for your time. :-)

From: poppachubby@crazyshit.com
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 18:41:41 EDT
Subject: Re: Comment on Article "Iraqi Pics"
To: Frizzank24@xxxx.com


Actually, I have nothing to do with what goes up on the site. I am more of what you might refer to as a "roving reporter". A few years ago, I became involved with the site by submitting advice for dumbshit people on shittyadvice.com. Who knew I would start getting email from a weird sort of fan base. Some of it is as yours is and can best be described as "fan mail", but as you can imagine I have received a great deal of mail that isn't fan mail. This would include the fucker in Australia who for damn near a year would get drunk and email me telling me how he wanted to "fuck me like a sheep and then cut my throat." But in seriousness, I am fortunate enough to have hooked up with the brain behind crazyshit.com. His name is Jay. Jay would be the person you would need to talk to about posting the tat on the site. Personally, I would like to see it, having several tats of my own, I always enjoy seeing someone elses artwork. But again, That decision would be up to Jay. Truth be told I have spoken to Jay once on the telephone several years ago when I was renewing my membershit, but other than that, we only communicate via email. He's kind of mysterious. Picture a beer drinking version of the great OZ. But I can tell you this, I forwarded your email to him, and I assure you he has gotten it and will reply. As for him being an OZ-like figure, well, ya can't ask him for a heart, or a brain, or anything like that, He ain't that kind of wizard. But ya can ask him for a beer, a blunt, a phone number to a really good escort service, penis enlargement, ya know, shit like that. He is that kind of wizard. But as for the tat, I think it's really cool that you would choose to honor your grandfather in that way. Hang tight and enjoy the site, we aim to please!

That's my "God bless your grandfather and all the men like him" opinion, I know it's yours,

Poppa Chubby

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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