Peehole Fanatic

on 09.18.2012

SUBJECT: putting things into your pee hole
FROM: allen
DATE: 09/18/2012
TO: jay@crazyshit.com

Hi Jay,

I have watched your video of putting things into your pee hole several times. That is so cool. I get erect every time I view it. How large is that rod?

Yesterday I decided to try and push some kind of rod into my pee hole. I have viewed a lot of guys doing this on X-tube.com after watching you do it. One guy said to push knitting needles into the pee hole, so I went to a craft store and found them but was not sure how big my hole is. I took a 5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, and an 8mm needles into the mens room to see if they would go into my penis.

Guess what, with some lube I got the 5mm into my penis easy and all the way in very carefully. These rods were about 10 inches long. Then I tried the 6mm and it went in easy also all the way.

The 6.5mm also went in easy all the way. Last I tried the 8mm. It started to go in the hole but it only got 1 inch in and it hit a tight spot and it didn't want to go in further. I pushed a little harder and it started to sting a little but I continued to push harder and it really hurt a bit but it did start to slide in and I kept pushing more needle in and got it all the way in but the tight spot was throbbing. I left it in for almost 10 minutes before I took it out. WOW I didn't realize my penis was getting erect as I took it out.

I guess 8mm is my maximum. I don't understand how some guys can get up to 16mm into their pee hole.

While I was there I washed the needles and put them back and got an 8.5mm and a 9mm needle and went and tried them. the 8.5mm went into my hole but I had a hard time getting the 9mm to go into the opening. I really streched the opening to get itin and it is still sore today.

Do you have any advise on how to stretch the tight spot and then the opening of my pee hole.


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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Die. Just fuckin DIE
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 1:33 PM

interesting that he thinks jay is an authority on inserting objects in his dick. seems too me like henry should have gotten this e-mail. lmfao!!
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 1:35 PM

Just reply to him as the urethra-penetration professional that you are! No doubt you can come up with some good/dumb advice that would get this thing going.
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 1:38 PM

I’m glad he washed the knitting needles before he put them back.
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 1:44 PM

Nobody is such an idiot. He must’ve seen adam or henry’s faces in some other sick gayporn site
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 1:52 PM

I didn’t know NOF’s name was Allen
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 1:59 PM

great my dick just disappeared inside me after reading that. . .
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 3:20 PM

I think you just got trolled.
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 3:31 PM

Allen got erect after pulling needles out but one ( or more ) suck fuck will get a hard on reading this email
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 3:35 PM

You just alienated a cs user
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 4:02 PM

I dont see the issue here. He is clearly a very sick fuck so he is coming to the correct website. I guess without access to the forums all thats left is you guys. So I say keep it going. Why not have an ask Jay segment occasionally if you get funny ones such as this.
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 6:45 PM

Like they give a fuck who they alienate. Ha!
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 6:53 PM

Cheap fucker too .
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 7:14 PM

Are you shitting me? It took me two days to get it up after having a catheter up my pee hole. My dick was pissed off at me.
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 8:36 PM

Jay D.
The one question I have is, don’t knitting needles have hooks on the ends? That might be a bit tricky to get out. I’m just worried about the picture/videos that I am sure will be following.
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 10:19 PM

^^^No,those are croshet hooks,don’t ask me how I know this,yes,I had a mother and grandmother I learned a few things from.
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 10:38 PM

They are shaped like big nails.I suggest he shoves them all the way in and hits ’em with a big hammer.
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 10:45 PM

If he wants a 9 mm up his crotch, I’m sure that can be arranged at about 1100 fps.
posted on: 09-18-12 @ 10:48 PM

^^^^^^^^^ HA, no shit
posted on: 09-19-12 @ 1:06 AM

What the.....why the.....who the.....where the.....how the? 7 hundred and 9aught Mississippi! Ahhh BULLSHIT!!
posted on: 09-19-12 @ 5:09 AM

the hook is only on the one end....
posted on: 09-19-12 @ 4:35 PM

Wow dude, I remember having a catheter, NOT fun, didn’t make my clit hard, didn’t get me wet, what the fuck man. Oh, a knitting NEEDLE. With a sharp end. Let’s shove that into our cock. Sounds like a terrible plan.
posted on: 12-26-12 @ 2:17 AM