RE: Latest Words

on 05.18.2004

Dear Poppa Chubby,

I have been a member of crazyshit for about 3 years or so. I have enjoyed the many pics and articles posted on the site. I must commend you on your recent article about those sons of bitches who complain cuz we mistreated a few terrorists. First of all, they deserve much worse than what was done to them. They hit us where it hurt, and affected everyone in this country when 9/11 occured. All of us grieved with the families that lost loved ones.

Secondly, what minor transgressions against those prisoners pale in comparason to what Saddam would have done had he remained in power. The Iraqi people should be grateful that we have removed him from power and saved them from any further opression by him. Do they?? Fuck no. Instead they kill our boys over there and set off bombs. All this while we try to rebuild their nation at great financial cost to us, in lives and money. Personally if that is the way they thank us for helping them out, I could think of better ways to spend the billions of dollars that we are putting into rebiulding their nation.

To all of those who sit in their lazy boy, drinking their beer while watching the news and bitching and whineing about a few mistreated prisoners remember this: You get to enjoy freedoms that 80 percent of the rest of the world does not have the luxery of having. You get to decide who you want to marry, where to live, what job you want to work (if at all), and many other freedoms. And if you want to sit there, bitching and moaning, ask yourself this: Did you go out and vote on the last elections to decide who you wanted for a president and cogress? Chances are the answer is no, so stop your bitching. If you don't like the way this great country is run, go try living in China, India, Iraq. I bet you wouldn't last a day in one of those countries. Why don't you go enlist and see what it means to be a true American, someone who is willing to fight and die to protect our faimilies, our way of life, and the freedoms we enjoy so much.


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