Oh No, We Just Lost A Follower

on 12.16.2012

SUBJECT: Please murder Just Beb ?
FROM: Past User
DATE: 12/16/2012
TO: submit@crazyshit.com

Really guys ? OK maybe some of the Beheadings and torture are a little much for me but theres always popping to the next video , but you guys really want to put even More stupid ideas into the heads of the twisted followers you already have ? Who gives a shit if the average 35 year old male doesnt like justin beiber hes obviously entertaining somebody with a net worth north of 100 MILLION, I kinda think that ones over the line , hes a kid that hasnt even fucked up yet, at least wait till hes hooked on drugs, killed somebody, raped a nun, but its pretty pathetic bashing a kid thats done nothing wrong yet no less Posting "Murder him" as the title ? ? ? Sorry guys, not that you care but you just lost a follower - - and worst case Im no soccer mom, Ive been in prison lol

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
OMG A PRISON FAG JUST LEFT CRAZYSHIT!! WHAT WILL WE DO WITHOUT HIM? I KNOW LETS JUST WAIT UNTIL THE GAURDS RELEASE THE RAPE VIDEO OF THIS GUY WITH JUSTIN BIEBERS FACE TATTOOED TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD WHILE 3 BUCK NIGGERS BUTT FUCK HIM UNTIL THE COWS COME HOME OR YOU CAN PARK A TRUCK IN HIS COLON!! who gives a fuck about your prison history ya fag, i’ve killed mother fuckers before it dont make me any smarter dumber or bader than anyone else here at crazyshit!1 so take you faget ass back to rotten or ogrish where all the fags and prisoners hang out!! we are really butt hurt to lose you!!
posted on: 12-17-12 @ 2:13 PM

Maybe he can go live with bigtalk
posted on: 12-17-12 @ 2:20 PM

No wonder they are a Beiber fan. Can you say Prison Bitch?
posted on: 12-17-12 @ 2:21 PM

Cory H.
Roses are gay. Violets are gayer. Shut the fuck up, and listen to Slayer.
posted on: 12-17-12 @ 2:50 PM

I didn’t think anyone over the age of 15 even knew who the fuck he is.
posted on: 12-17-12 @ 3:47 PM

Ha ha ha! Take your panties out of your mouth boy so beiber can violate your pretty little throat.
posted on: 12-17-12 @ 5:38 PM

I’m no soccer mom I’ve been to prison...lol. And I’m willing to bet my left arm you have no problems dumping loads. Campbell soup cans would just fall right out.
posted on: 12-17-12 @ 7:18 PM

BAHAHAHA!!! what a loser! Im sure EVERYBODY is gonna miss this hump monkey!!! NOT!!! LOL!!!
posted on: 12-17-12 @ 7:31 PM

Ahhhh, He will be back. He’s just hurt a bit that you guys picked on his idol. FAG
posted on: 12-17-12 @ 8:56 PM

A follower? He’s had more cum dumped in him than a truck load of condoms,his mom should of broke the egg on him and sold the dam yoke.
posted on: 12-18-12 @ 12:06 AM

Awe why can’t just have this persons name so we may blam it for life?
posted on: 12-19-12 @ 6:29 AM