A Letter Of Apology

on 04.14.2013

SUBJECT: Comments/Suggestions/Complaints
FROM: urapnes1701d
DATE: 04/14/2013
TO: jokes@crazyshit.com

Undoubtedly you are less than amused to see both Guns and I illicit unsatisfactory behavior to not only you guys but the rest of the Crazyshitters here. I will be straight forward and apologize to you for my actions in the peanut gallery. I know the gallery is for a few wise cracks and for commenting on daily crazyshit pics and vids, which I try to do to the best of my ability. However, being constantly poked and prodded by Guns out of no provocation from me whatsoever this last week made me snap back in each instance. I know that the forums are the place to go if I feel the need to keep putting him in his place or giving him a correction now and then. I have never used them before but for now on I will utilize them for such a purpose if need be. No more worries.

Ps: You love trannies.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 04-18-13 @ 7:34 PM

I don`t think you did too much wrong urapnes1701d, just responded to that idiot gunz that`s all.
posted on: 04-26-13 @ 3:19 AM

I did, but the gallery wasn’t the right place. Forums for me next time. But seeing as i haven’t seen Gunz since im thinking he’s gone.
posted on: 04-27-13 @ 11:54 AM

I don`t think gunz was a V.I.P. so he couldn`t have continued in the forums.
posted on: 05-01-13 @ 2:41 AM