User Boobs

on 02.01.2015

SUBJECT: Comments/Suggestions/Complaints
FROM: potrostation
DATE: 02/01/2015
TO: jokes@crazyshit.com

User boob man; what's the deal? Is it just dumb good luck or some genius advertising campaign? The boob hotness factor is off the chart! I'm trying to wrap my head around how/why hot chicks come this site and show us their tit's. At the same time I don't want to jinks it either. I salute you ;you magnificent bastrds!

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Back in the day some 12 plus years ago I said to my wife (Shenanigans) Can I write CS on your tits and send them to Crazyshit? Being the fun chick she is, She said yes with great enthusiasm and that day CS user bOObs was born.
posted on: 07-02-15 @ 6:18 PM

^And I take my hat off to you Sir your efforts are greatly appreciated.
posted on: 04-30-16 @ 2:07 PM