on 06.02.2006

Date: 6/2/2006 1:05 am
From: clintbenton@hotmail.com
Subject: Wolverino
To: jay@crazyshit.com


Jr..told me i can write to you, Jay , look im sorry for what its worth about all this shit. i had to get my feelings about Cardio off my chest. I knew i'd be banned again with the whole note and everything and with me going off on Cardio. What i cant understand (and im not complaining) is why you chose to let me stay and they are leaving..? Is this a sign of you understanding my posistion ? A way to use me as a circus side show freak to get memebers to join Crazyshit? I know you hate that im a "drama queer" and honestly i hate this shit has all came about too. But im just begging you Jay to take a second to explain this to me.. i dont want to be banned...i thought i was going to be, and understood completely why, but with what i wrote to Yokiti being posted in the pics section and me being able to stay competely blew me away and threw me. All im asking is this... i was trying to get out how i thought i was being treated and singled out... i dont know the whole situation with Bull but i cant help but think he was treated the same... and i was writing myself off as being a drama queer intil i had too many members ask me why i was getting fucked with so bad and singled out by just one Mod... and then thats when i thought maybe it wasnt all in my head. but what i am wondering...is....am i just being used as a freak to get members or did you actually understand some? either way im glad to stay but dont you think me staying and possibly losing people cause im there a bad thing? please just a liitle explanaton and i'll shut up. just want to know why im here.


Date: 6/2/2006 11:40am
To: clintbenton@hotmail.com
From: jay@crazyshit.com
Subject: Re:Wolverino

First off, Cardio doesn't want anything to do with you. Other members wanted you back so I let you back, I really don't care either way, I have way to much to do as is right now.

Now, here's the deal. I have just about had it with the forums, and I have decided that if, you (and I mean, everyone in the forums too) want to run people, new and old off, then so be it. Whether it be be a fuck-ton of drama or by insulting them and being relentless to the point they leave, people are leaving. More than that, new people don't want to join. Soon, there will be only a few people coming to the forums, and all will be quiet. You ever notice why the people that post in the pics and vids don't come to the forums. It's because of the so called cliques and group attackings that go on in a regular basis.

I think you've been very rude to Cardio, she is doing a service for the community, and not even getting paid for it. And all you have to do is stay out her out of her way, and she will do the same. It's very simple.

On that note, I still have about 100 emails to go through.


Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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