Jersey Royalty Loves Us!

on 03.21.2008

SUBJECT: Comments/Suggestions/Complaints
FROM: jerseyroyality
DATE: 02/12/2008

Listen fellas I don‘t find many people amusing ( unless their getting hurt or their face looks like someone‘s asshole or some shit) but you two fucks are fuckin‘ hilarious. I am a loyal fan and when the Royal Court of Jersey has extra money to spend I will upgrade my account to full mother fucker. You guys brighten up my day because being Royality ain‘t fuckin‘ easy kid. You guys keep up the great work because if I don‘t get my Daily Shit I‘m gonna fuck all my maids and kill all my servants. Fuck that shit I‘ll kill the maids too.

P.S. Besides porn you should advetise weird shit like zombie blow up dolls or twelve foot dildos. Shit advertise less known but sweet shit like Home-Brews. Fuck I don‘t know advertise Jersey I‘ll give you a cut.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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