on 08.06.2008

FROM: roger_mason@hotmail.co.uk Roger Mason
DATE: 07/24/2008

id like to thank your team on behalf of england for providing the most educating and interesting website to ever grace our rather dispatched planet, ive spread the word on facebook and will continue to contribute to your divine website until the day i die, at which point ill instruct family members to send you photos of my rotting corpse, but until then, id pay good money to recieve a tshirt or some sort of crazyshit merchandise, cash in guys theres nothing wrong with making a living, plus id like to prove to my friends i spend more time on crazy shit than i do on msn. many thanks for spending the time to read this rather pointless letter but still i couldnt help but declare my love for the poets willing to push social boundries and provide honest men with the entertainment they so rightfully deserve. live the dream.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
HAHAHA @ posting pics of your rotting corpse--nicely written :)
posted on: 04-17-09 @ 10:14 AM