Hey Jay

on 01.30.2009

FROM: bpa18@verizon.net Ben Aumenta
DATE: 01/28/2009

Hi Jay,
I had e-mailed you about two weeks ago regarding the punctuation or lack thereof, on the captions at the bottom of your film and still pictures. You said that was the responsibility of Greg. Is Greg the skinny, balding black guy? If this is the person that is in charge of punctuation, I now can understand why there are missing punctuation marks. It is a well known fact that jigs are not used to punctuation and it is a well known fact that they can't conjugate verbs. Especially the verb "to be", I is, you is, he, she or it be - we is, you is or they be. Look it up! Until ebonics is an excepted language in this country. Please give the job to someone else.

Thank You

Ben Aumenta
18 Wright Avenue
Jersey City, NJ


Tim S., tims@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Tim S.
excepted or accepted? I think Mr. Punctuation Nazi should learn the English language.
posted on: 01-30-09 @ 1:10 PM

Greg J.
Wow nothing better than some idiot all high on his white horse using the wrong word while trying to criticize my grammar. I think what you meant to say was "until Ebonics is an ACCEPTED language." One day we will live in a world where white and black people can misspell shit together. Until then keep on misspelling words while thinking you are somehow superior. Sincerely yours. Fuck you.
posted on: 01-30-09 @ 1:16 PM

Yeah! you! tell! Him! Greg! I is! Upset! that you is ! picking on! my Darky Freind! you white cunt!
posted on: 02-13-09 @ 7:34 PM

you guys looked stoned in ur pics. i also cant spell i is from jersey 2
posted on: 03-24-09 @ 1:39 PM

Is this guy serious? What does he think this is fuckin' English class or something.
posted on: 05-07-09 @ 12:03 AM

hey jay check out the comment on the pic where the chick cut her legs look at look at me look at shepoopies comment you will love it msg shepoopie after youve seen it
posted on: 06-22-09 @ 8:55 PM

muthaphukkin bitch azz enlgish teacher.
posted on: 10-14-09 @ 10:52 PM

i want to PUNCH-UATE this fucker in the face.
posted on: 11-11-09 @ 8:35 PM

bpa18@verizon.net go get fucked in the ass by a A.I.D.S. infested nigger
posted on: 12-21-09 @ 1:17 PM