on 02.19.2009

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FROM: tattoofreak
DATE: 01/09/2009

you guys makes my life beter and more aware of stuff goin on out there like car accidents ..now i drive like a pussy ...every time i hop in my car i am constently eyed open for everything going around me ..like other cars way ahead of me or dears or wathever could come across me ..i guess its a good thing ...like driving 200 on the high way dosent interest me anymore ..nethwer blowing shit up cus am scared of it blowing in my face ...and as for my litle daughter ...EYES WIDE OPEN ALL THE TIME am even scared whaen my girl freind croses the road to get the news paper as she would get run over or some shit like that so i go get it my self....i am more aware and more responsible ..without being FREAK OUT OVER THAT STUFF ..but its always in my head ...maybe ill live longer whit all that awarenes .lol anyway its a good LOOK AROUND YOU site ...lots of peaple should defenatly come around here so it can be an eye opener ...or not ..so this site keep on going ...fuck it

!!! let them kill them self for the peaple that want to be aware ..love you guys ...you do a great job

Yours truly Benoit

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
^The videos are loading slowly, What is the matter ???
posted on: 03-19-09 @ 5:54 PM

This isn't a Video
posted on: 04-15-09 @ 3:59 PM

hahahahahahahahahahahaha you are right
posted on: 06-06-09 @ 11:56 PM

tattoofreak don't be a pussy if your going to get killed there is nothing you can do about it. The best you can hope for is that some sick bastard has a video camera and records it then puts it on here where we can poke fun at your bloody corpes. other wise your life has been a waste
posted on: 12-21-09 @ 1:12 PM

Get a spell checker or we'll never be able to decipher the suicide note.
posted on: 01-13-10 @ 3:14 AM