on 11.13.2009

SUBJECT: Goodbye
FROM: sadenko
DATE: 11/04/2009

i used to visit your site regularly.. today is my last time. the stupid samples that you put at the end of the videos (the farting noise, the idiot mumbling) its just annoying & retarded. i cant show anyone shit that im seeing on your video without subecting them to that dumb shit as well as all the porn ads.. like.. as im typing this i see a big dick to my left.. it gets big then small.. big then small. fuck man. i know you gotta pay bills but fuck.. its bigger than your logo. cant you just be a hardcore site without such a heavy "retard" influence? i guess not. 10 years of shit.. but theres a reason youre not as big as you could be. anyway. your site sucks now. rate my shit? stupid.

DATE: 11/04/2009
FROM: sadenko

Well thanks.

Yes, without that big dick banner. I wouldn't be paying the bills.

Also the samples at the end of the videos. We stopped doing them 2 months ago.

I don't even know what to say about the retard influence remark.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Glad you helped us out all these years.


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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Don't let the proverbial door hit you in the ass.That big dick pays the bills unlike big dicks like you that piss and moan about shit and threaten to cancel your FREE membership.Hell your already NOT missed.
posted on: 11-14-09 @ 8:22 PM

Been nice knowing ya. NOT!! Take lithium & wank one off or something.
posted on: 11-19-09 @ 12:42 PM

Buddy's got a point, Rate my shit is a sad filler in terms of pictures. Not really difficult to take pictures of your own shit, Christ I could send in two pictures a day.
posted on: 11-24-09 @ 10:14 PM

What a douche. Did he think he was on a prude site? Fucktard.
posted on: 11-30-09 @ 7:02 AM

sadenko must be gay, considering he focused on the big dick and didn't ignore it like us non-fags.
posted on: 12-12-09 @ 12:08 AM

When you get tired of that crap pay ten bucks and it goes away. Thats what a couple of cheap six packs of beer.
posted on: 12-21-09 @ 1:08 PM

The big dick is what offended him? Has he explored the forums? Oh wait he never paid for a membership.
posted on: 01-13-10 @ 3:08 AM

I don't remember seeing this guys name once in all my years here.
posted on: 03-01-10 @ 4:43 PM

sadenko is a Tranny
posted on: 06-08-10 @ 11:59 PM