Hey Tim

on 04.14.2010

FROM: willylickaball
DATE: 04/13/2010

Tim I really advise you DO NOT ride your bike to work. The sudden change in life style could be detrimental to your health. The risk you run in having a heart attack is good but the possiblity of becoming the next bike-vs-car video posted on CrazyShit. As you well know from reading the comments that it will be the most humiliating last 27 seconds of your life. Just a little food for thought. I f you do decide to go for it be sure JayD. has a list of all the intersedction cameras so that we may also share in your demise.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Jay D.
I say he should ride in, but have a helmet cam!
posted on: 04-14-10 @ 1:41 PM

^^^Agreed. That way it will not take a lot of time filing for the intersection camera tapes under the Open Records Act. Personal property can be rertrieved from the morgue upon I.D. while the body is still warm and blood is still fresh.
posted on: 04-14-10 @ 2:27 PM

well, Tim, if u start riding that bike to work, your body is gonna get into shape even faster. Like that goat-turtle guy with the white body.
posted on: 04-14-10 @ 2:46 PM

I'm just saying, not that I am looking forward to seeing those pics or what not... just saying
posted on: 04-14-10 @ 2:52 PM

I think iluvkitty should change his name to iluvtimmy >>>>>>>>>>>>>> obvious "man crush"
posted on: 04-15-10 @ 11:53 AM

just sayin.........
posted on: 04-15-10 @ 11:55 AM

Jay ^^^^ No helmet cam. Maybe a bar mounted camera. If he's going to crash, a helmet will only make the video worse. I want to see lot's of blood. No helmet. :)
posted on: 04-15-10 @ 12:04 PM

haha i agree with format187
posted on: 04-23-10 @ 4:43 AM

Tim do u ride the Dildo Bike?, fag
posted on: 07-11-10 @ 7:59 PM