Crazyshit Is Boring

on 09.09.2010

FROM: bob_rodgers@rogers
DATE: 09/09/2010
TO:Jay D.

I used to think your site was find of cool..lately its been just boring and and waste of time. you are just two ugly guys that are closet homos.your web site had some potential. you were showing some cool stuff that could not be found on the web.You have become trailer trash entertainment.. your parents must be so proud.

DATE: 09/09/2010

Thanks man. I appreciate the kind words.

So, I don't know if you can, but maybe you could articulate what it is that has made the site boring? And we have always been a waste of time.

Also, are you coming onto me?


FROM: bob_rodgers@rogers
DATE: 09/09/2010
TO:Jay D.

its the same stuff over and over and over again...a girl with a dildo, someone's shit, a dead body and a gay posting of some kind. You were showing some interesting stuff....however lately you have become one in a million web sites...No I am not coming on to you and I don"t have a problem with you being gay. All the best and continued success with your contribution to society

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 09-09-10 @ 3:41 PM

Haters hatin' Keep rolling, Jay. . .10 years says you're doing something right here. Amen
posted on: 09-10-10 @ 12:27 AM

Yeah, I think he IS coming on to you.
posted on: 09-10-10 @ 12:45 AM

If he does come on to you, please make sure he videotapes it.
posted on: 09-10-10 @ 2:09 AM

Ignore him, You can only get good content as and when it happens... (like the news) P.s can't vote on this page!
posted on: 09-10-10 @ 12:03 PM

just created this account so i could post on this cause my last account isn't valid anymore, that being said i tend to agree with the email (even though i still check daily) this place is "boring" ever since Greg left and the place hasn't been the same, with the radio show gone and some retooling of stuff by yourself Jay the place just doesn't seem the same. There is also the fact that most of the stuff here isn't exclusive (besides the user boobs and rate that shit) i can find most of this stuff elsewhere. The only reason i am hear really when i think about it is for nostalgia of the good old days with Greg, nothing against Tim or anyone else on the staff but they just don't seem to have the drive or involvement that you or Greg have/had
posted on: 09-10-10 @ 12:24 PM

Jay D.
Not to take anything away from Greg, but he actually put up the tamest stuff. If you liked Greg, then you should really like Adam's posts. And I have to say, I do a fine job posting myself. As far as the radio show, shit man, that was a huge waste of time and effort. With minimal amount of listeners, it was just no fun. And sure you can go other places, but no one else will edit the videos, make them better, or even do things to entertain you like we do, and update like we do.
posted on: 09-10-10 @ 7:22 PM

if they dont like it they shouldnt of clicked on the site its called crazyshit not everydaynormal shit fuck em
posted on: 09-11-10 @ 12:33 AM

i think this site is pretty cool but i dont know of very many other sites other than youtube and youtube has turned into a pile of shit ever since disney and all the other huge corporation took control of it
posted on: 10-25-10 @ 4:41 PM

I like this site for what it is.Shit? Bizarre shit? Fetish shit? Hey, if it is crazy and not something that you see everyday, it goes here. I first discovered Crazyshit when I was looking for videos of death-defying motorcycle stunts. But since I am here I am ordering the full buffet. Hell yeah and I love this site.
posted on: 11-04-10 @ 2:22 PM

"All the best and continued success with your contribution to society" Are you fucking serious? I beg you to try any fucking search engine with the request of "contributions to society". You will never see Crazyshit so, what the fuck were you expecting???
posted on: 02-11-11 @ 2:31 PM