Hey, That‘s Racist

on 05.09.2011

SUBJECT: Comments/Suggestions/Complaints
FROM: Bonecrusher
DATE: 05/09/2011

You know I really enjoyed this site until I started to read all the racists bullshit that is posted on here. I am an educated person working on a graduate degree and love good fun stuff like anyone. I joined to respond to comments like all the rest of the clowns on this site if your site condons this so be it, maybe all in fun. However, I won't go away, and I will get more of us to come to this fucked up racists site. Cowards, Hitler was one, suicide, and all other funky ass backward ass skateboarding white trash. Please move yourselve to your compounds and you all can inbreed and drink Budweiser all day. I thought this was a cool site, so terribly mistaken.. You might as well fly the honky/redneck/Klan flan as your banner and you will get what you want.. Crazyshit, I have started a campaign on FB to overload your system with minorities, get ready for it..Racists will never win, your just uneducated people who didn't succeed in school, sports or life and have nothing better to do. You all are a bunch of clowns.You are all typical white trash and this goes out to all the peanut gallery that feels that way, but when inbreeding happens what can you do. Hey hitler was a coward and most of you are too.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
You're talking about the posts from admins or from users? Any examples? Because I never noticed this site was so racist. Provide links please.
posted on: 05-10-11 @ 2:26 PM

posted on: 05-12-11 @ 10:43 AM

good bye steve erkle
posted on: 05-13-11 @ 3:11 AM

Are you serious? You said you were educated but apparently you missed out on common sence! You think your going to Quote:"overload your system with minorities". Yeah sending a shitload of minorities is really gonna put a hurtin on Crazyshit. Yeah thats gonna teach them. Nothing they want less than more clicks on there website. I think you better come up with another plan. And I'm sure with all your mighty education you will come up with something amazing. Something us inbred, budweiser drinking, honky, redneck, whitetrash motherfuckers wont even see coming.
posted on: 05-14-11 @ 9:53 AM

my dog was well educated in obedience school... he still licks his asshole.... get what i'm saying? education is bullshit. as per the racism, its all fun and games until someone's feeling get hurt, isn't it? look, the way i see it is you don't like it, GTFO or talk more shit, funny and clever shit, not middle school playground shit.
posted on: 05-18-11 @ 11:22 AM

anyone else see the irony here? "I am an educated person working on a graduate degree " vs "your just uneducated people who didn't succeed in school, sports or life" and all the kkk and hitler talk. whose the racist again?
posted on: 05-18-11 @ 11:26 PM

wtf dude , if the shit you said about us white folks is not racist, then calling you a fucking north american porch ape or niger is'nt racist either!! my dick has more education then you from fucking the deans secretary at U OF M in 89 during my time there. when you were still suckin your momma's titty and riding on her back from tree to tree.
posted on: 05-25-11 @ 9:21 PM

It only works as racism if whites a talking about Negro's. They can call everyone whatever and we are supposed to take it with a smile. Hey black kettle, meet brick wall. ;)
posted on: 06-01-11 @ 4:22 PM

lmwao the w is for white and your being a racist also so go kill yourdelf somewhere out of the way but get someone to take pics so we can laugh at you moolie
posted on: 06-16-11 @ 3:39 PM

This ass hole forgot to mention that we was an "educated african-american". Stupid nigger. You know what! I’m racist and IT’S OK! It’s my fucking God given right.
posted on: 01-20-12 @ 8:34 PM