Can I Kill Myself On Crazyshit?

on 05.11.2011

SUBJECT: random eye catching subject
FROM: Isaiah
DATE: 05/11/2011

long time fan recent subscriber, firstly i'd like permission to mention your website in my daily vlog coming up, secondly the afformentioned blog is going to be a daily journal til the day i kill my self which i've decided to do in a lil under 5 months, since you all deal in the fucked up and perverse is there any laws against killing your self on web cam and if there isn't would your website like to live cast the even?

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
mate! u need help,... ive been there myself,it wasnt until someone said its a cowards way out to me that turned the switch off from ending it,and let me tell ya, when my mate hung himself years ago , no one felt sorry for him, only for his family,s loss,...u,ll get negative zero point one seconds of pitty from me and everyone here and from anyone that turns up to your funeral.best u can hope for is a natural death if your expecting anyone to give half a fuck, ...if we all end up seeing it eventuate on crazyshit u,ll be forgotten the by the next vid,...go get a reality check bout all the great wonders in this world that exists past the little closet your living in u selfish fuk
posted on: 05-13-11 @ 11:52 AM

Fuck yeah man! Get it all on camera & make sure it gets to Crazyshit. We always enjoy watching people do absolutely stoopid shit like you're talking about. Gotta big L tattooed on your forehead yet?
posted on: 05-16-11 @ 7:47 PM

Its already been done, so you are just going to copy what someone else has done. That makes you even MORE of a looser!
posted on: 05-24-11 @ 12:25 PM

If you get a job and a hobby then you just might pull your head out of your ass and realize that suicide is a fucking stupid, permanent solution to a temporary problem. Trust me, unless you're avoiding a death sentence, it will get better. But if you're going to do it, write "CS" on your tits and do it on camera.
posted on: 05-24-11 @ 9:57 PM

look get a job buy a prostitute and a bottle every week for the rest of your life beats the fuck outta making the top video of the week on this fucked up web site!1
posted on: 05-25-11 @ 9:17 PM

Go for it, I don't have to clean up your mess.
posted on: 06-23-11 @ 3:48 PM

Dude. I say kill your self. To even consider something like that, You probably are worthless anyway. So yeah. Do It. And people like me will be here. Waiting. Watching.
posted on: 06-25-11 @ 6:35 AM

fuck 5 months what takes that long do it now! haha no seriously run up debt rape some hoe's and spank a monkey at the zoo then post all that shit up first then do it ;). but im pretty sure its considered snuff to film it but fuck it you gonna be dead what they gonna do put your corpse in jail?
posted on: 07-19-11 @ 10:02 PM