Shitty Friends

on 07.28.2004

Here is one hell of an opportunity for you to expose your shitty friends. We would like for you to share in what your friends have done to you. Rat them fuckers out like the dogs that they are. Tell the whole world what a piece of shit that they are.

Well, I don't really have a story of something shitty a friend has done to me. But I have one about what I did to a friend: My best girlfriend had the hottest husband. He and I would flirt . It was innocent enough. We worked together, so a lot of the time we would carpool. One night after work we took the flirting too far and fucked in the bathroom. We promised each other that it would not and could not happen again. But it did. MANY MANY TIMES. This went on for about a year before my friend started to realize her husband was cheating on her. She would cry on my shoulder. She was just a mess. She would tell me how thankful she was to have a good friend like me to talk to about it.

i have a cousin who was very close to me and we hung out all of the time my boyfriend at the time who is now my husband we were arguing so i decided to leave and go to my cousins house just to end the arugement well while i was there i knew that he would show up there so i went to a friends across the street and said hello and was there for about a half an hour then went to my mothers well of course he showed up and she goes on to tell him that i was at this persons house smoking crack and that i was having a threesome even though that does sound good but not with this couple and that i was going to leave him then three years later she tells me that he tried to sleep with her and instead of telling him no she tells him to go to her bed and wait and you know what happened from there needless to say whoever said blood is thicker than water is full of SHIT

my friend and i were both interested in the same women( but she chose 2 get with me) and being the sneaky fucker that he is, he decided 2 go into my room 1 night when she had passed out from a night of excessive drinking. He then proceded to fuck her under false pretenses and then has the nerve 2 tell everyone what a crappy shag she was. Obviously she could be lying 2 me but either way with friends/girlfriends like these who the fuck needs enemies.............

Well here's the scoop. My buddy hooked up with this girl on July 4th 2003. Now before we go any further I need to state that I really liked this girl. My buddy is the kind of person that won't make a move on a girl unless he was drunk, and he was rather drunk that night. So, she climbs in the back seat with him and before we get home they are making out like rabbits. Eventually we get back to his place after crusing around for a while. I didn't realize it until I thought about it some time later, but I had a chance to nail this chick after we got back to his place. He went into his bedrrom and layed down, and she was in the living room with me. She didn't come right out and say it but she wanted to fuck me, sort of gave me that certain look. I don't always pick up on that stuff right away. Anyway she get s mad at me and goes into his rrom and fucks him. All my buddy was looking for that night was a one night stand. She thinks that they are going out as ! boyfriend and girlfriend and he goes along with it. Over the next few months he is always trying to dump her off on to me, because he knew I liked her, and i even admitted to her that I wanted to be the one with her. I told her that he wanted to cheat on her, and that he didn't really want to be with her. I tried to just be a friend to her and console her becuase she was really upset. A few months after they hooked up, they broke up. Now in the midst of all this I was just trying to be a frind to both of them. My buddy is the kind of guy that no matter what he can't be the one to look bad. So he blames his problams on other people so he looks like the golden boy. This is exactly what he did to me when he broke up with his girlfriend. He said that he wouldn't let a girl come between friends, and made it out that I was the reason they were breaking up. So then she gets mad at me because she thought I was trying to break them up, which I was not. And by this tim! e I had gotten over wanting to be with her. > So in all of this! I am the one getting blamed for them breaking up. Now here's the icing on the cake: They get back togather a few weeks later, then a few months go by and on valentines day he proposes to her. A month after she accepts, she admits to having cheated on him twice. Once about a month after they hooked up the first time, and about a month before they got engaged. But she tells him that after the second time is when she realized how much she "loves" him. What a bunch of shit that was!! But belive it or not they are still togather. Personally I think they are made for each other.

i had just fuhked my gf in the ass for the first time. she had to run off to bellydancing class, so she didnt have a chance to clean up. after class while talking with her teacher, she farted. she later told me that she had filled her underwear with cum. i have never been allowed to cum in her ass again.

I fell asleep at home while my mom, best friend and I were drinking. Let me tell you about my friend a little bit: He's 18, has had sex like once, and it was only a few weeks ago. With a large and undesirable chick. Honestly, Shamu ain't got shit on this girl. Anyways, so I get drunk, start puking terribly, and finally pass out on the bathroom floor. ...was pretty cozy for a tile floor, I might add. So yeah, it's just my mom and my best friend, drinking their asses off and watching a movie. I THINK they were watching my OZ dvds, seeing as though that is what I found in the dvd player that was left running. The dvd player that is on my tv. That is in front of my couch. My couch which is by a table. A table which, under not-so-close inspection, had 4 opened condom wrappers on it. Note: The wrappers were NOT there before I passed out. And my ass felt fine, and balls were full as hell the next morning, so I know nothing happened with/to me.

So what happened? Well, I found my mom in her bedroom wearing nothing but her socks, laying on her bed, passed out like she'd been hit by a fucking semi. And my best friend was on my couch, with no pants on, sleeping. Oh, and by the way, my favorite pillow was between his legs..you know, RESTING BY HIS DEFLATED SEMEN SPRAYER, WHICH WAS NOT NECESSARILY CLEAN.

Yep. What a fucked up weekend.

my girlfriend and i had been dating for about 2 months... we met online in a game of yahoo pool. I went with her to meet the parents and we stayed at her mothers house. the night of my girllfriends b-day which was the second or third night we decided to have sex. we waited until 1 or 2 in the morning before we did anything to make sure nobody was up. she had no lock on her door so i closed it and stuck a fan in front of it. i had just put a condom on and was about to get it in when her mothers ex-girlfriend pushed open the door and wanted to know what ithe hell we were doing. i jumped out from between her legs and covered my naked ass up while the woman was standing at the door.

Some time ago my (at that time ) built PC's for people. Working in Electronic Sales at an office supply store that didn't (at that time) sell PC's i refered my customer to a customer who was VERY OLD & Handycaped, to build him a PC. He in turn took the old man's money and to this day has never seen the PC or his Money back. Before we could thak him to court he was arested for having Kiddy Porn on his PC a sentanced to 3 years in in a Pen. He is now out and to this day has never proved to me that he has given the old man his money back.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
U saw many things in your life...
posted on: 07-26-08 @ 1:18 PM

This is crazy! A ex friend of mine David Stinger here in Fla was hanging out with me and my gf we were blowing massive amounts of coke and that night and when the party had ended we all finally got to sleep I woke up in the afternoon and saw what looked like a meatloaf on the dining room floor? Turns out David took a huge dump in his sleep and then pissed all over the chair. He cleaned it up but, I hate him for it.
posted on: 12-12-08 @ 10:12 PM

my x and i were fighting and he was comming off wrong with things like "whore".. you get the picture. I went to slap him, he blocked the smack but i grabbed his hand, pulled him close, and bit him right in the mouth so he would learn what was not supposed to come out of it. I then clocked him one and he had to go to work with a busted eye and very obvious bite marks on his face. He had a hard time explaining that one. Now all his coworkers thinks im a crazy bitch. Well, yager and tequila are not a good mix. Lesson, sont get shit faced and call your drunken girfriend when shes been drinking since 11am..
posted on: 01-19-10 @ 8:38 AM

My best friend and I have always had a strange relationship he is the kind of guy that gets jelous if he isn't the one your paying attention to and then will kick a random persons ass and I mean fuck them up bad so you don't have anyone you can hang out with if he's around because of fear. Anyway we used to do everything together fighting the same people fucking the same girls all sorts of bad behavior. When we got older he got maried to this chick that became a good friend of mine. After a few years he started cheating on her some times using me as a alibi. One night me and her slept together and It was good enough we started doing it all the time. One day we made a porno about a year later I made her a copy that he found thus making things rocky between us. I told him I didn't feel bad because he was fucking around on her to and she was my friend also. Before he found out we had a few threesomes which was hard to fake like its your first time together. Anyway he told her he broke the tape but she caught him beating off watching it one day. I'd like to say that's the end but I can get her pants off anytime I want and he still offers to have threesomes with me on occation. Oh and he's tried to get me to fuck him without her knowing but I love pussy. So who is the more shity friend.
posted on: 09-04-10 @ 8:36 AM

I had a party one night and a friend of mine brought this girl with him that I thought looked good and even better with her ankles up by her ears. As the night went by he was on a mission to drink more than any human should ever consume. By the end of the night he thought he would take her to my bed for the night but there was no way I was sleeping on the floor so we all ended up there. I couldn't sleep with her body pressed against me and he was to drunk to do the deed although he tried failing miserably. After about an hour of him fumbling around he gave up and sort of passed out. I say sort of because he would wake up every few minutes. Now that I've had to lay there with this naked girl next to me I was about to go nuts and she must have gotten tired of the situation also because the next thing I know I feel her hand grab my painfully stiff member. That was all I needed to know and my hands went to work. I was about to plow this girl like a corn field when my buddy woke up just long enough to move my hand off of her and back to sleep. Needless to say everytime we would get ready to go he would wake up and ruin it at one point even trying to mount her again. Although I respect his never die attitude his cock blocking ass kept all of us from getting laid and we never saw the girl again after that. Oh and to make things worst his feet stunk so bad my whole room took two days to air out. Thanks you cock blocking buzz kill next time you do that just know I'm fucking someone and if she aint getting it then you are.
posted on: 09-04-10 @ 9:16 AM

I'm loving this being able to share some stories. I had this dirty hippy friend that was a lover not a fighter. I also had another friend that I did loads of drugs with and then as a result we would do lots of evil shit not always meaning to but evil nontheless. One night my friend and I along with another guy went to the hippies house knocked on the door and when he came to the door we pulled him out into the yard and proceeded to tell him we knew he had been talking to the police and that we were going fishing and he was the bait. As I stood there explaining to him how and why he was going to die my other two friends wrapped a sheet around him and then an extension cord and he was so scared that at one point the sheet started to fall and he actually wrapped it back around himself. As he stood there crying and tied up sort of we told him to pick up these two cinder blocks we had sat in front of him and carry them to the car. As he began to walk towards the car we told him to drop everything and that we changed our minds but hadn't forgot and he needed to watch his back. Then we walked to the car and he went and sat with his back against a tree crying and beating his head on the tree. I felt bad leaving him like that because it was all a joke we just were board and that was just something to do. So I went back and explained it was all fake but I'm not sure he understood because he wasn't the same after that. Now if that had happened to me I'd of stabbed them in the neck and ended it before it even began joke or not. What a shity friend for not being able to take a joke.
posted on: 09-04-10 @ 9:52 AM