Shitty Friends 2

on 07.29.2004

Here is one hell of an opportunity for you to expose your shitty friends. We would like for you to share in what your friends have done to you. Rat them fuckers out like the dogs that they are. Tell the whole world what a piece of shit that they are.

My friend borrows things of mine all the time. She borrowed my brand new vacuum cleaner & gave it back caked with carpet cleaner foam. Took me 2 hours to clean it & the very next day, she bought the same vacuum cleaner as mine. Another time, I stored my computer at her house during a move out of my ex's house & her son completely ripped apart my printer. One last disgusting thing... the borrows my un-used nose rings all the time & returns them dirty. They go right in the garbage.

Me and my friend Zack were living at his moms house for the summer, so we could save money for an apartment. Well another one of our freinds, Travis, moved in too because his mother kicked him out. AFter a short period of time he started turning me and zack against each other. Telling lies about what the other one said finally me and Zack realized this, and thought ok well we'll just ignore what he says, no problem there. However than we started to notice our money was disappearing, In two monthes a total of 650.00 was stolen from us. We knew we had to get him back but we couldnt think of how. Well god was on outr side. We found out he had been having sex with a 14 yr old girl (he was 20), and in Zack's mothers house. We told TRavis' girlfriend, and anyone else we could find he got kicked out of the house almost had the cops called on him and had to move to california. We mis him......a lot. Yeah right.

I had a party once in high school and a bunch of people showed up who weren't invited. We were all drinking, some more then others, but as the host, I figured, I should stay as sober as possible but still maintain enough of a buzz to have a good time but still be aware of what was going on in my parent's house while they went to Vegas. So...some guy decides he is too drunk to stand and he decides to pass out in my moms recliner. Mind you, it's not the greatest chair, but it was hers and she loved it. Anyways, he had alot to drink and felt like he needed to puke. So, he leans over the side of the recliner and pukes on the carpet. Then he stands up, pukes on the chair some more and sits back down on it. Then he is sober enough to decide that he should HIDE the puke mess he made on the damn carpet, so he covers it up with a newspaper that he found on the coffee table.

My best friend is the one who brought him and he decided that he'd had enough of our party and was ready to go home. SO...he got into her brand new car with puke on his ass and back from where he had sat in the puke on the chair. She didn't even offer to help me clean up his mess before my parents came home....................now THAT is a shitty friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend borrowed my car six months ago and I've neither seen nor heard from him since. I reckon he might not come back.

So I work full-time at a fitness studio. I spend basically every day/night/weekend, etc there working, with pretty shitty hours, so i dont have time to go out before a shift and just barely after. Anyways, so i finally get a weekend where i DONT work on a friday! i actually have a friday off, so we all agreed that this would be the perfect opportunity to get together and see the friends that i barely recognize anymore seeing as my life consists of work. the plan was for me to get picked up at 1030 when i get home from work at about quarter after. I speed home, run upstairs, put on clothes, grab a beer, chug it down to get a phone call from my buddy saying that the car is full and there's no room for me. what a great weekend off i though....screw them!!

i had a friend and we were very close, and she had sex with the love of my life, that really messed up my life.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I`m a real shitty friend I was living with a best friend and his gf and we had lived together for about 2 yrs when he was away at work one night and me and his gf got drunk and I was fucking her on a big raft in the pool and he came home, He was soo pissed and started throwing anything at us like the barbcue bricks and lawn chairs. We could`nt get out of the pool until he was done throwing stuff and hid behind the raft, Finally he went inside and we got out and found him srying in the bed room. I grabbed as much of my clothes and stuff as I could and threw it into my car. I was out of there and the only time I ever saw him again was when they sued me for $60 in unpaid electric. He is still with her and I heard years later and they had a kid, I wonder to this day if it might be mine? They did not win any money in the lawsuit and were pissed at me bigtime, When they were leaving the courthouse she looked back at me and smiled real big! That worried me. The little slut.
posted on: 11-20-07 @ 3:29 AM

I have a neighbor who is in his sixties and I like the guy and all and he's a good friend, but he is dummer then a ho hammer! Thursday evening, I went over to his house to say Hi and it was snowing out and it was expected to be really bad out, and I walked into his home and there are two guys in his house cleaning his carpet! This is 8:00 p.m. in the evening? I asked his wife what the hell was going on? She said that he invited these two guys in when she was in her bathrobe and demonstrate cleaning their carpet!?! I told her you have got to be kidding! He just lets them in to clean his carpet and they don't even own the house, they are renting it! This is the kind of stupid things that he does.
posted on: 02-21-08 @ 11:22 PM

My twin brother used all his knowledge of me, Drivers licence, birth date name etc to put several different bills in my name at his house, then he skipped town all the way to the other side of the country with out paying them! A grand total of $3400:00, I found this out because the sheriff & police Just happen to come around to my house and arrest me for the unpaid bills in front of 15 parents of the kids I was holding a birthday party for, this was my daughter 6th B-day. I hate being a Twin of a Drug addict! Now you know whey I am a crazy motherfucker. Ouch.
posted on: 03-12-08 @ 7:44 PM

I have a friend that bought a house from my parents 5 years ago and has failed to make the payments to the mortgage company for the last 4 years. Everytime he calls the house he tells about all of the stuff he just bought for his fat assed wife and welfare rat kids. I just want to go off on him and say when are you going to pay up you fucking deadbeat?
posted on: 04-10-08 @ 11:34 PM

I am not a shitty friend...but two of my old friends girlfriends are. I was on holidays back in my old town, when I just happen to "stumble" upon them. One thing led to another, and I ended up having my first threesome. I later found out that both were still going out with my old friends, but I don't regret it at all.
posted on: 07-24-08 @ 1:51 PM

I have fake friends and are now my enemys. Thats why i dont want no friends, Me i got brothers en sisters. We are like bloodrelated. The thing i hate most about my fake friends is 1 thing. "Talkin crap about you behind your back, while in the beeing nice in my face." bothers of life or enemys. Friends change always. This year they are like this and this, the next year its like a total diffrent person. Friends become your enemy's, your enemy always stays your enemy!
posted on: 07-26-08 @ 1:16 PM

"Who do I trust? I trust me."
posted on: 07-29-08 @ 10:17 PM

i had a girl living with me, my husband and my newborn baby, i took her in, let her live with us rent free, i even let her watch my baby for me. turns out she was a crack whore and started bringing her johns into my home and after i told her to leave, she called cps on me. i hope she burns in an acid barrel for all eternity, fire is too good for her.
posted on: 10-11-08 @ 4:29 PM

trust in no one,but your self,when you start trusting you leave the door open for disaster
posted on: 12-10-08 @ 12:12 PM

four of my friends were killed by four of our other friends. 2 that died were brothers the other 2 were also brothers they were all cousins.they knew thier killers very well.they shared clothes ate at each others houses eavin stayed at each others houses friends are a joke they will turn in a heart beat with no hessetation trust no one
posted on: 04-06-09 @ 4:46 PM

^^^^^^^^ouch, ouch, ouch, WE DON'T HAVE SHERIFF'S IN AUSTRALIA, you fucking nut.
posted on: 08-17-09 @ 5:40 AM

my friend help me kill my ex wife, but then told the police it was me, after about a year of being in hiding i decided to do something about this, so i broke into my home town police station at Marian, Queensland, and stole two pistols, i then waited for the cops to come back after patrol, when they showed up i killed them both, the problem has been fixed, they are no longer looking for me, i just have to go from town to town and kill the police until no one knows me, but such is life, never trust your murdering fucking friends, the end, marsape
posted on: 08-17-09 @ 5:41 AM

^aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaahhaaaaaaaaaaahhaa not
posted on: 08-17-09 @ 5:44 AM

you should have killed your friend then yourself you sick fuck what kind of chicken shit has someone else do his dirty work and then cries that he got told on not to mention is a pussy for not being able to kill a woman on their own probably because if he had done it his self she probably would have killed him instead cause he's a weak bitch
posted on: 09-04-10 @ 8:15 AM

My younger brother is a bit of a cunt. Does that count?
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 5:46 AM