The Cures For Hangovers

on 06.09.2000

Ok, for the majority of the 500 or so emails that I received said that drinking water is the best way to get rid of a hangover. Also drinking good beer, vodka, or whatever alcohol that fits your fancy. The hair of the dog works, but when the taste in your mouth is like ass, the last thing I want to see is a beer.

In the hopes of eliminating this awful disease of the common hang-over I have put some of the best and weirdest suggestions here for everyone to check out. There is quite a few, if you have the time to kill, check these hang-over suggestions out and the best part??? Seeing who is right or wrong. And you can email with the results of your little alcohol experiments and let me know if they do or don't.

Here are the 3 diffrent ideas to the cure to hang-overs
Vitiams, Puking and More...


Wack Ass Things to Do to Get Rid of A Hangover

Vitiams, Puking and More...

craz. this fuckin works great. buy you some high potency vitamin b complex vitamins. before you start drinking take one vitamin and two more after you start drinking and you wont have a hangover. achohol absorbs vitamin b out of your system. if you do this you will not only not have a hangover you will wake up more alert with more energy. believe me it works. yours truly,

Something a friend of mine would do is take alka-seltzer when he got home. He believed in doing this whenever he would come home from drinking and did everytime. A

Being a seasoned partier, I have become savvy on how to avoid the dreaded hangover like the plague. First off, avoid draft beer at all costs. There is a reason they sling that shit for free and on drink specials. I have experimented with drinking heavy amounts of bottled beer vs. draft, and always came out ahead with the bottles. Second, avoid mixed drinks with any soft drinks whatsoever. The sugars in the soda tend to give you massive headaches the next day. Be a fucking man and order a "Jack and Ice." After I stumble home from the bars and piss in my pants, I try and remember to flush my body with water and drop some aspirin before passing out on the floor. Follow these rules and you will become a full-blown alcoholic. Out....JK

theres this pill out i cant remember what its called but if you take it before you drink you won't get a hag over ask around some people might know what its called or maybe i'll get back to you.

Hey I saw on your site that you wanted something to help your hangovers.Well I never have a hangover no matter how much,but my friend says to try this.When you get up in the morning feeling shity just have another drink.Now this may sound wierd but it works preety good i hear. I guess it is because a hangover is your body craving acohle.Give it a try if you feel like it...

I heard that chewing exedrin or some crap like that helps get rid of a hangover. Never tried it, but it may work.

when you wake up, stick your index finger up your ass for 10 minutes, then think nothing, be nothing.

to advoid a hangover take B complex before during and after Drinking....from what i hear it works,,,, my mother told me this i have yet to try it but as they say mother knows best...you've got nothing to lose by trying..later

Hangovers are caused by dehyradtion. Once you know this the cure is easy. I drink a small bottle of Gatorade (or any other sports drink) before I go to bed. If you're in real bad shape have another one handy for the morning.
You can wake up the next morning and feel like drinking right away. Gatorade is loaded with salt which helps you to retain fluids. This is what my Canadian University education got me! I can flat out GUARANTEE that this will work.
PS Now you've got a great excuse to get pissed tonight!

a double gulp from 7-11, 2 tacos and a breakfast jack from jack in the box and a big fatty work for me.

drink grey goose vodka...no hang over dude!

the only true way to avoid a hang over is don't stop.

Two Ibuprofen by the frig when you go for that last beer or the next. And an easy Bloody Mary in the morning (not too spicy). Works for me.

Try taking an Aleve when you first start drinking, they go for 12 hours so if you take it when you can still remember it will last til morning, unless you're on a binge for a few days!

If you really want to avoid them take some vitamines B12, you can get them at any natural store, it actually works good, but the next morning you are gonna piss bright yellow, so just take the B12 before you start drinking, and the next they you can start all over again.

what i do is set my alarm for two hours b4 i have to wake up, b4 i start to drink or when i get home. wake up, take asprin then go back 2 sleep. i wake up hungry as hell but my head doesn't hurt.

OK I don't mean get drunk before you even feel the effects, just slam one ice cold one first thing, before you even piss if you can. Only disadvantage to this method that I have found is that the one beer often leads to many more and you wake up hungover the next day too. Then you need a beer first thing...

when you have a hangover dip your head in ice water untill the headache goes away, then take some Phosphorated Carbohydrate solution this will keep you from vomiting

Take four advil and a glass of oranje juice! This helps me. Ill get hammered and do this and wake up fine. Good luck!

you can take potassium before you even start drinking. somehow it works. don't ask....

eat some bread. it'll soak up the alcohol in your stomach before it gets into your sysytem. drink water. you'll piss the alcohol out.

eat lemons

what works for me is eat something like chicken noodle soup then start drinking again it usually takes a awhile to get the first one down but its worth it

If you go to the drugstore and buy some Ciminedine, you will be just fine. You can drink all night and never throw up too. I take one every time I hear beer!!!
It is an over the counter stomach pill. It reduces the amount of acid in your stomach. When the alcohol mixes with the acid in your stomach, that is what makes you sick. This cuts the amount of acid and you can drink all night!!

When you get up in the morning, take an aspirin with with a beer. I know probably seeing beer in the morning, but it works. The only thing is that it's only temporary. It will give you that boost through the morning, but by the afternoon, you'll probably need a nap. Good luck....give it a try....

strawberries dude, strawberries

I was reading your rant, and I thought I could give you some interesting advice, that believe it or not, was passed on to me by my mom :)
When you drink a beer, you piss out 12 (atleast it seems that way) All that pissing dehydrates you. Dehydration=Headache So, my trick is, drink like a glass of water before you goto bed. And I usually swipe my Grandmom's 800mg Motrin. It's prescription shit. I also don't mix Liqour with beer. There is an old saying, but don't believe it.
"Liqour before Beer, never fear. Beer before Liqour, never sicker"

Try taking 1 vitamin B-complex before going out and two right before going to bed. It always works wonders for me

okay, here is some stuff that we do here at Santa Clara University to cure hangovers-
1) apparantley (though i have never tried it) drinking a glass, mug, can, whatever of exactley what you were drinking the night works wonders on a hangover
2) there is this stuff that you can buy in a little jar called something like "Hangover Gone"(that looks a lot like cum!!!) that also cures hangovers- no one knows what is in it exactley, but that works
3) Red Bull, as in "Red Bull gives you wings!", is suppossed to work wonders
4) what is most effective for me is not as fun as any of these...on nights i kow i am going to be drinking i drink a lot of water that whole day, then when i eventually do go to bed, i dont get out of bed or wake up until i have slept the hangover off (which means many unproductive satudays and sundays but hey) and yeah, when i am sober i make sure to put 3 asprin with a glass of water right next to my bed, so even if i forget to take it that night, as soon as i get thirsty at night i take them- that works pretty well... but yeah, the most fun is just staying drunk- then you wont wake up with a hangover!!!

You should buy some noni juice from me. I been taking this juice for about 2 months and I feel like a champ. Last weekend I got hammered on saturday until 4am. Sunday I woke at 9am, felt like shit, took the noni juice, and the hangover instantly went away. That same morning I played a body draining game of paintball, serviced the old lady,and still had enough energy to go out that same night and party. Monday at work was buisness as usual. Noni is $40 a bottle (one month supply).

Hey Fellow Drinker!! Be careful of aspirin. Although the warning labels of all pain killers reccomend that you avoid using alchohol while taking their product, I use a different product every night I drink; i.e.; aspirin friday, ibuprofin saturday. Sometimes if you drink a glass of water before you retire to bed, that does the trick. If you forget to do either of those, then a trip to mcdonalds or burger king to get a coke relieves my headache. Also pasta or rice the next day gets rid of a hangover pretty quik for me.


after you finish your last drink of the night - quickly pound back a couple glasses of water, then when you get home drink another glass and because you are already remembering to drink the water - you'll remember this too - take a vitamin b ( maybe leave the vitamin jar by the glasses so you will be sure to remember - or have your little cure station set up before you leave so you'll be sure to run into it when you stagger through the door) while your at it maybe include the asprin too!! - the vitamin b helps because a night out drinking strips your body of vitamin b - one main reason why you feel so shit in the morning!! enjoy your evening - the mornings aren't so scary anymore!

1. try drinking a glass of water before going to bed
2. stop drinking at least an hour before going to bed (lessens hangover)
3. sleep with your head high, the lower it is, the more blood (alcoholic blood) rushes to your brain, so prop it up with pillows
4. puke before going to bed, and keep puking!

Hiya. Put the aspirin and a glass or bottle of water NEXT TO YOUR BED BEFORE you go out and par-tay. Then, when you get home and spy those tabs and water you'll take 'em and all will be well, UNLESS you got wack ass shit faced!Then my friend you are doomed!!! Alka-Seltzer before bed works even better, the 'Orange or Lime' flavors are preferred...Happy Happy Joy Joy

before u go out drinking place a glass of water and some alkaseltzer by ur bed. depending on the time that u have to wake up u need to get up 10-15 minutes before and drink the alkaseltzer. go back to sleep and wake up at ur normal time. u'll feel like $75 bucks when u wake up!!! enjoy ur drinking and keep on with that CRAZYSHIT!!!

i just drink two glasses of water and it either dilutes the alcohol or makes me throw it all up either way it avoids the hangovers... Now if i could just figure out how to get the damn taste out of my mouth

Drink a glass of water before bed, just don't wet your bed!!!

drink a very large glass of water just before you go to bed.(if you don't pass out before betime that is) and take three aspirin with the water. pending on what you drank you should wake up feeling fine.

i had the same problem and i have been doing this for about a year and have had great results. if you are the kind who likes to mix beer with whiskey i can't guarantee the same results. but if you are a strictly beer kinda guy than this should do it for ya. gotta go it's beer:30
good luck!

I work at a bar and I know how you feel...There is nothing I hat emore thwn waking up feeling like I just got hit by a big truck.... I have found that if you drink alot of water before you go to bed then youwill not have a hang over in the morning... But I'm not sure how to make people remember to drink water before bed... Most of the time I do it but I forget to...
This is just a suggestion but it does work.....


I'm telling you my brother,,,,drink lots of water before you go to bed.... One of two things will happen. Either you are awakened every hour on the hour to take a piss. Or when you puke your guts up, water flows freely from your belly without the hurt of acidity...

Well, you said that taking asprin worked... I've never heard of that, but one thing that DOES work, (because I've tried it) is drinking water. Yes, sirree, good old water. Two or three large glasses before hitting the sack. A hangover is really nothing more than a combination of dehydration and exhaustion.
Don't believe me? Let's look at the evidence... Even when drunk, I'm sure you have an idea how much you pee whilst getting plastered. No? Okay, well you pee a DAMN LOT. And it's not all beer, either... it's water coming from your body. The headache you experience the next morning is the result of dehydration. The "blah" feeling you have is exhaustion, as large amounts of alcohol in the bloodstream don't allow you to enter the right stage of sleep or something that's required for a good night's rest.
Interesting isn't it? I've gotten extremely toasted before, drank lots of water before going to bed and woke up feeling just peachy. Many times, in fact. I highly recommend it. The only crappy part is the exhaustion, but a quick nap usually fixes that. Oh, last thing: you won't wet your bed or have to pee very much after drinking a buttload of water... you're dehydrated, remember? :P

Wack Ass Things to Do to Get Rid of A Hangover

This one is proven to help, take an antihistamine before drinking and another in the middle of a binge. It kills the toxins that make you hungover yet leaves the booze intact!!!!!

I have two solutions for hangovers. If you can puke your guts up that night, that usually works for me. The secound is much more enjoyable than puking. It may be a little hard to do if you are not from Oregon. We have a beer made and sold in Oregon called Widmer Hefeweizen. It is a wheat ale with suspended yeast. I used to get hangovers all the time with all that crap beer and malt beers out there. Drink Hefeweizen only. Not 1 hangover since. The stuff is awsome wit some lemon. Give it a shot if you get a chance Good luck!

When you're hung over and got to shit place you're balls or cooch on the vent turn the air conditioner on a minumum of 65 Degrees wait for a moment then yell fire: like a horny caveman this is shure to be the best thing for the cause.

If you take these things before you go to bed:
1,000 mg of Evening Primrose Oil (capsules) (get it at the Health Food Store) B6 And a couple pints of water (a good rule of thumb is for every two beers, drink one glass of water) And I guarantee you will not be hung (I don't know in a different context that could be a good thing) the next day. Guaranteed, or your money back! If nothing works, then the last resort would be slamming two "Excedrin" tablets chased by (only one) a "Bud Light" while standing in the middle of a hot shower! Works for me EVERY time. Another suggestion is to drink "Crown Royal" instead of beer. It is milled so pure that it won't give you a hammer-head!

Regarding your suggestion that taking aspirin before going to bed will help a hangover. While it may help the symptoms of a hangover, it essentialy makes your liver work twice as hard to de-toxify your blood. In the long run it can do serious damage to your liver. The best way to avoid a hangover that I've found is to not go to bed drunk. If you pass out/fall asleep drunk, you'll wake up hung over, but if you stay up, you give your body more time to expel the toxins from the digestive process. Best of luck

hey well this sounds kinda gross but if you drink pedialyte that shit that they give kids when they have diahrea before you go to bed or the next morning it takes away that pounding head

eat a peanut butter sandwich on white bread. it always works for me

Its good that you have a hangover. It just means that you had a good time the night before. Me and some of my family use this cure for a hangover. Get a big glass, fill half way with crushed ice or just regular cubes. Next sprinkle salt in glass, cut half a lime and squeeze juice into glass. Now pour a beer in the glass and stir. Now when i usually get up with a hangover, I don't even wanna think of beer so i just wait an hour. And in about 30 minutes you'll feel better. The hangover will be about 75% gone...just good enough to go to work. Hope this helps ya.

Dude the best hangover remedy is a big greasy quarter pounder with cheese from Mcdonalds.....the greasier the beter

Because the consumption of alcohol widens your blood vessels and hangovers constrict them, the only real cures for hangovers are a) time or b) drinking in the morning. However, the only problem with solution b is that this can lead to alcoholism because it turns into one continuous cycle. Oh well, there's always AA!

Drink V8. I know, it may be hard to stomach at first-but it really works! Maybe it's all the vitamany-goodness??

This remedy I learned in the Navy. The drunken sailor image lives on!! but anyways a sure cure for a hang over is pure oxygen. The job that I had was working with life support systems for the jet pilots. One of those things is making sure they had oxygen. so whenever i went out wasted and woke up with a killer headache i could go to the hanger and take a few whiffs from the pilots oxygen masks cause there was still some lingering around. and within 15 minutes i was good to go.
granted not everyone has pure oxygen laying around the house. but it does work.

ok gday im nick, a few suggestions on the hangover crises 1.stay permanently drunk
2.bacon and egg mcmuffin from maccas
3.asprin before u drink

break one raw egg in a cup of tomatoe juice and drink it. it tastes sick as hell but it works like a charm

try opening a beer before going to bed, when you wake up - drink the flat beer

1. Mix Booze with gatorade. It replenishes the salt and electrolytes thus keeping your body hydrated = no hangover. (Is kinda shitty tasting though)
2. Drink 1 glass of water for evey 3 beers. (Sux 'cause u piss twice as much !)
3. Eat lots o' pasta and breads before drinking. Drinking on a full stomach slows the alcohol down , and creates less of a hangover.(Sux trying to pick up chix with garlicy pasta breath.)
4. Take a handfull of painkillers with your booze. (Only downfall is you might not wake up , but hey!, if u do no hangover !!!!!)

put some asprin into every fucking glass of beer or go out and find yourself a nice prostitute and fuck her and have her strip for you in the morning

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